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Zine Love: A Guest Post by Mindy Tsonas Choi

June 17th, 2021, Comments (0)

Zine Love
for the Be Seen Project

The Be Seen Project is a grassroot initiative that resources and amplifies BIPOC artists and makers whose work centers marginalized voices, to fight for social justice and cultural change. As a way to inspire and connect with our project's beloved artists and supporters, we publish a seasonal print Zine that also helps us create more opportunities to pay art activists and share their impact.

Did you know zines originated in the 1930’s and originally were used to share ideas of those among the scifi subculture, back during a time when such stories seemed really radical and outside of the mainstream? Zines later went on to be used by the global punk scene who were pushing forward culture-shifting anti-establishment views, which then led to the famous avant garde and political zines of the riot grrrl feminist movement. Zine history is so powerful!

No matter the subject, what zines have always had at the heart of their genre was a commitment to DIY and grassroots distribution, a counter cultural voice, and rad art helping to spread important messages. Did you know BUST Magazine, that still exists today, started as a zine?

You can see why this craftivist medium feels like the perfect fit for the BSP! It is a small push back against systems of oppressive ideologies, including perfectionism and the hyper production of polished brands creating glossy products that feed the machine of capitalism that churns out mass market things that are more homogenized and less accessible. I wanted to make something exactly the opposite. 

So here I am, armed with my old school cut and paste skills I learned in 10th grade Graphic Design (thank you Ms. Sullivan – who incidentally, also hosted one hell of a salon on the D/L for us students in her Cambridge. MA, bohemian Victorian apartment), and my glue stick, scissors and local copy machine. Practicing imperfection and the slow work inherent to zines, is such a good reminder.

While this little publication is meant to entertain and inform, it also has the purpose of being a source of radical truth and creative celebration! You can support the Be Seen Project and become a subscriber of our Zine as our special thanks to you, by donating $25 or more to our initiative. 

Movements are never built alone. This is why I am so thankful to have you on our side... the side of justice, equity, liberation and visibility for ALL!

**Note from Leah: A huge thank you to Mindy for sharing this guest post about her gorgeous, powerful, informative zine. Do subscribe if it sounds of interest to you. All photos above are by Mindy Tsonas Choi, except the Resist Zine shot, which is by cover artist, Sumaya Teli.

Creative Every Day Challenge: June 2021

June 2nd, 2021, Comments (0)

Happy June 2021 of the Creative Every Day Challenge! My apologies for not getting a theme up last month. This month, I offer a completely optional theme of the Moon. Use it if it sparks your creativity, or let it go if it doesn't. What could the moon mean for your creativity this month? Perhaps you'll take a photograph of the full moon, create a round or crescent shaped dessert, or include an image of the moon in a painting. Feel free to share a link or simply comment below if you have anything you want to share over the course of the month. You can also share in the Facebook group. Creativity of all kinds are welcome. It could be drawing, writing, photography, clay, music, knitting, cooking, anything can be creative, so just have fun with it. Feel free to commit to your creativity anytime during the year here.

Below is my painting, Moon Dreams, check out more moon themed art in my shop.