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I'm an artist and I living with my family in the Boston area.

I love to inspire with the art I make and share. Check out my online art store where you can purchase my prints and original artwork here: My art


I lead two challenges here at Creative Every Day: Art Every Day Month and the Creative Every Day Challenge.

Art Every Day Month (AEDM) is a month-long challenge that happens every November. Since 2004, some bloggers have joined me in the project of making and posting some kind of art everyday for the month. Feel free to join in in November! The idea behind Art Every Day Month is to encourage creating in all forms. Every one is creative and that can come out in anything from photography to cooking to painting. I encourage others to join in this truly no-pressure challenge. If you get in a piece of art every day, then great! Look at AEDM as a soft nudge to add more creativity to your everyday life with a bit of group support. 

Continuing on that theme, in 2008, I started a low pressure, all-inclusive, year-long adventure called the Creative Every Day Challenge. Loads of creative bloggers have joined in the challenge and they're all listed on my sidebar. Click the Creative Every Day logo in the sidebar to find out more and join in anytime!