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Color and Commissions

April 7th, 2013, Comments (4)

I am enjoying this color theme so far, how about you? I've been playing with color in paint, in nail polish (purple toes), in colorful salads, and some turquoise clothing. 

I thought I'd share a couple commissions that I've been working on this month. One is a commission that isn't quite done yet. I had to stop because I wasn't sure whether I wanted the dresses to be white as originally planned or pink with a white stripe and ties (I'm still thinking it over.) I still have to paint the moon and stars in and a few other small details, but I love how it's coming along. It took a long time for this image to develop. I was playing with the arrangement for months and the final idea came to me while I was in the shower! I was using the steamed up glass shower door as a sketchpad and the idea formed. My favorite part is that there is a subte heart shape between the mother and daughter figures. (It's 8"x10" with acrylic on canvas)

This one was a commission for someone who recently experienced a loss and wanted an image with a dragonfly in it. I love when this happens, the image came to mind as she was talking and it came together very quickly. (It's 6"x6" with collage, acrylic, and ink on panel.) 

In a way they are (unintentionally) similar pieces! I seem to be liking these trees curving towards the moon and of course, the moon and trees are always big in pieces of my art. But the pinks are a bit different for me! I think it's Annabelle's influence. :-)  

She Dreamed of the Sea

January 11th, 2013, Comments (12)

Another feature of the Dark, is a time to dream. I think I was inspired to create this dreaming piece in part because I wonder about what my little girl is dreaming about. I pictured her soft blankets, that she's become so attached to, like a landscape/dreamscape for her imagined worlds.

This piece is 6"x6" on panel. The blanket was created with collage first, then the entire piece is worked into with acrylic paint and ink.

Day 6: Persphone in Autumn

November 6th, 2012, Comments (20)

Today, I was inspired to paint an image of Persephone. I started with a collage base on 6"x6" board, then painted on top of it, not knowing exactly the direction it would take. As it developed I liked how an older woman in the collage appears in her face. I imagine that she is Persephone's mother, Demeter, in her thoughts.

Following the lead of the colors that developed, I see this as an image of Persephone in Autumn, before she enters the underworld/winter until she returns in Spring.

If you live in the U.S., get out and vote!

Day One: Night Mother, Work-In-Progress

November 1st, 2011, Comments (41)

For day one, I had my husband helping me out a bit during the day and was able to spend a little extra time painting. How nice! I had already completed the collage background for this piece, but I'm SO happy to have started painting the image I've had in my head since Annabelle was about a month old.

It has to do with the strange time that is the middle of the night when you're up constantly, nursing a newborn baby. It's like this whole other world. Kind of lonely, but kind of sacred.

I've still got more to do on this piece, but I really like the way it's going so far! I know that many days this month, all I'll be able to do is part of a piece, but as long as I'm creating every day, I'll be happy with that.

I hope everyone has had a beautiful start to Art Every Day Month! And even if you haven't, keep at it. It's a long month and every day is a new beginning.

Using Items with History in Your Work

September 18th, 2011, Comments (7)

There's something really fabulous about using items that have a history to them in your work. I feel like it gives a certain depth to a piece of art, a layering of stories. Sometimes the stories are so juicy that I have trouble covering them up! In Roots (above), I made use of a fun "Today's Woman" magazine from the 50's. The ads from that magazine were pretty interesting!

I've found collage items at flea markets, bought them from people online, and found them amongst my own stash of papers. They may be blueprints, dress patterns, handwritten recipes, maps, or old photos. Collaged together, their stories combine to tell a new tale, one which I might not expect when I start putting them together. In What's Behind (above), it felt like the story created was one the woman in the painting is trying to leave behind her.

Singing Bird

November 18th, 2010, Comments (22)

I drew a little bird in my sketchbook last night, so I decided to bring it to life today for Art Every Day Month, with collage, paint, and ink. It's about 6"x7" on paper. More birdfeeder inspiration I think. Although there are mothering images in the collage, that got entirely painted over, so I think it's a mother bird as well. :-)


November 17th, 2010, Comments (21)

Day 17 of Art Every Day Month. Another intuitive piece. I did the collage elements first and saw the figure so clearly! I like how the dress came together, however, I feel like I want to change the background, but for now this is where I'll stop.

What’s Behind

November 11th, 2010, Comments (26)

For day 11 of Art Every Day Month, I had the urge to play with collage. I put the elements together first, glued them down, and then let it sit for awhile. Eventually, a curve stood out to me that made me think of the curve of a shoulder, so I started sketching and this image came out. I was going to develope it a bit more, but decided to leave it simple. It's about 9"x12".

Quiet Umbrella

November 5th, 2010, Comments (22)

Today for day 5 of Art Every Day Month, I felt the urge to work in collage. I had no idea where I was going, but this image came along as I worked. At first I thought I'd put more color into it, striped socks, colorful boots, and such. But after I painted in the figure, she seemed to want to stay this way. A little more somber. So for now, she'll stay as is, more quiet. This piece is about 4"x4" with collage and acrylic on panel. Hope you all have a beautifully creative weekend!

Traveling with Uncertainty

October 7th, 2010, Comments (15)

I did this piece recently to submit for one of Patti Digh's latest books. It was inspired by an essay she'd written about dealing with uncertainty and stepping bravely into the unknown, something I find quite difficult in some ways and quite exhilarating in others. Just now, this piece makes me think of the daring decision I made at the age of 15 to be an exchange student and live with a family in Madrid for a month. What a scary and mind-opening experience it was! It certainly took a leap of faith to do, but I have no regrets about it.

And then thinking about the earth theme, I'm curious about the places you've traveled to, whether that be to a new part of town or an exotic location. What brave steps did you take to go somewhere new and what effect did it have on you? What kind of art might that inspire in you?

By the way, I received Patti Digh's Creative is a Verb in the mail and it's beautiful! Chock full of gorgeous art and inspiring words. Patti is amazing. I've got a piece in the book as well, it's this piece and it's on page x. I love that's it's opposite this quote: "Don't apologize for who you are or the art you create" - C.J. Rider

p.s. I'm working on the Art Every Day Month sign-up page and hope to have it ready to go shortly!

p.p.s. The piece above, "The Unknown," is 11"x14" with collage and acrylic on wood.