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Giveaway! Hooray!

January 4th, 2013, Comments (66)

I love a good giveaway, don't you? And this one is fantastic. Leonie just contacted me to ask if I'd like to give away a combo-pack of her Create Your Incredible Business and Life Workbook to a Creative Every Day reader!! So you'd get both the Life and Business editions! Wowza!

To win, leave a comment below (by Monday at noon EST) with one hope you have for the New Year. I'll randomly select the winner from your entries! Good luck!

Thank you to all who entered!! The randomly selected winner was entry #52, Nandita! I will be contacting you shortly!

Writing aRound and a Giveaway!

July 24th, 2012, Comments (35)

Another idea to play with the round theme before the month is up is to gather with a few friends (or do this via email) and write in a round. You could each write a line (or paragraph) of a story (or poem) before passing it to the next and marvel at where it goes!

I once did this idea with 5 canvases and 5 friends. Each person started a canvas and played with it for about 30 minutes before passing it on to the next person. We worked on the canvases throughout the day, eventually ending up with the canvas we started with, an original piece of art touched by many hands. So fun!

There are loads of fun ideas, prompts and inspiring tidbits in A Year of Writing Dangerously by Barbara Abercrombie. A great style for writers looking for daily inspiration, the book has 365 short essays, a bit of inspiration for each day of the year. And at the book there is a list of 52 writing prompts, one for each week of the year. If you're feeling stuck or unsure where to begin, this book will surely give you something to run with.

One of the suggestions that reminded me of the circular theme this month was day 29, titled "First things first." The author mentions writer, John Irving, who writes his last sentence first. That blew my mind! But what a great idea, to start with the ending and then work your way back to it.

Would you like a copy of A Year of Living Dangerously? Simply leave a comment (make sure to include your email address, so I can contact you) and I'll select a winner by Friday, July 27th. Good luck!

Update: We have a winner! Congrats to Becky!

Sparkles Winner

March 22nd, 2011, Comments (2)

Congrats to Milena Widdowson for winning a spot in Jamie Ridler's creative e-course, Sparkles!! If you didn't win a spot, do check out the course, which is now open for registration. Happy Sparkling!

Look Up, Look Down, Sparkles Giveaway!

March 19th, 2011, Comments (44)

Earlier this week, I went on a walk. Oh, glorious Spring! It was so nice to be outside.

One of my favorite things to do on a walk is to take along my iphone and snap pictures. Simply having the camera with me helps me see things in new ways. It reminds me to look up at the sky, to look down at my shadow, and to notice the little moments of beauty that are everywhere.

It also got me thinking about how creativity can be inserted into the smallest bits of time, like a short walk. This is the idea behind Sparkles, Jamie Ridler's creative e-course, which brings you 31 days of quick-to-read, 5 minute exercises from lots of inspiring, creative guides (including myself!) I love the idea behind this project because it's so true, creativity can be brought into your life, even when you feel like you have no time for it. And even when it feels like five minutes couldn't possibly enough, time can impossibly expand once you begin, and you'll be amazed at what you can get out of it.

Here's a sparkly idea to get you started: Go out for a short walk with a camera. Focus on looking up and taking pictures of what catches your eye. Or try focusing on your shadow or the shadow of other objects on different surfaces. You'll be amazed by what you see when you start paying attention to these things. 


Sparkles registration begins March 22nd and I'd love to give away one spot in this course! Even if you don't win the spot, I highly recommend checking it out. It'll be a great, creative adventure!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post, before 12 pm EST on Monday the 21st, telling me your favorite way to bring creativity into your life when you just have a little bit of time. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday. Good luck!

Update: The giveaway is closed, but you can still join in the fun. Sparkles registration is now open!

The Right Brain Business Plan and a Giveaway!

March 1st, 2011, Comments (59)

I'm thrilled to share this interview with Jennifer Lee, author of the recently published The Right Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success. Jenn is a friend of mine and I've loved seeing the process of this book go from a spark of an idea, to proposal, to draft, to finish product. I'm so proud of you, Jenn!

The book is awesome and I'm so excited to be giving away a copy! With all the creative folks who stop by here, I know many of you would benefit from this work. I'll have more details about the giveaway at the end of this post. I also want to be sure you've heard about the free Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit that's taking place this week. Check it out, there's loads of great information being shared.

On to the interview!

Jenn, how did you come up with the idea for the Right Brain Business Plan?

Funny you should ask, Leah, because the first Right-Brain Business Plan was born when I did your fabulous Art Every Day Month challenge for the first time back in 2007! So thanks for creating a space to help the idea blossom. During the last two days of the challenge, I was also working on my business plan and decided that I would use the opportunity to do something creative with it since I had to make art for the day anyway. I collaged my big vision for 2008 and beyond on one side of an accordion book and then the next day I put details such as my marketing plan, products and services, financial goals, and action plan on fun cards on the back. The plan helped me reach my goals the next year and became the inspiration for the e-book, workshops, e-Course, and now the book. Just goes to show you how having a regular creative practice like AEDM can spark fresh new ideas!

What advice do you have for creatives out there looking to start their own business?

You don’t have to go it alone. It can be scary to start your own business and put yourself out there, so make sure you have a circle of support – I like to call them your creative cohorts – who you can lean on and learn from. In fact, Leah, you and I connected through our blogs several years ago and have been great sources of support and encouragement to each other even since.

What is the first step to crafting a Right Brain Business Plan?

Start with getting clear about your vision for your business (and your life). What are you passionate about? What do you and your company stand for? What values are you honoring in your business? What does your success look and feel like? This will serve as the foundation for the rest of your plan.

How do you recommend creative people deal with the overwhelm and fear that can come with putting a business plan together?

Find ways to make it fun. Use colorful markers and sticky notes on fun paper instead of forcing yourself to go straight into a spreadsheet to crunch numbers. Pick one piece of the plan to work on and then jump to another part if you get stuck. Don’t feel like you need to have everything ironed out before moving on to the next piece. Give yourself healthy doses of what I call Left-Brain Chill Pills to quiet your judging mind.

What are the benefits of crafting your business plan in this way?

People who have unsuccessfully tried to do a traditional business plan have actually completed a Right-Brain Business Plan because they had fun with it. So actually finishing a plan (and a plan that you’re totally jazzed about and that you look at again and again) is a huge benefit. This RBBP approach allows you to think outside the box and make your plan in any format that tickles your fancy (I’ve seen a bracelet, a paper plate mobile, and even a plan in a paint bucket decorated with a feather boa!).

Above is the fabulous leather cuff bracelet created by Bevla Reeves of Hair Conspiracy.

What are some of your favorite creative business planning tools and resources?

So many. Basic things like sticky notes and colorful markers (Mr. Sketch and Staedtler triplus fineliner are my faves). I’ve been using the Levenger Circa notebooks for more than a decade – it’s an amazing cross between a spiral notebook and three-ring binder. I also love Levenger’s Oasis Concept Pad for brainstorming ideas. My friend Lisa Sonora Beam’s book The Creative Entrepreneur is also one of my favorite creative business planning resources.

How do you stay creatively inspired in your business?

I like to connect with other creative entrepreneurs and see what they’re up to. I work with a coach who helps me innovate and try new things. I look for ways to blend my various interests to form new ideas. I practice self-care Fridays so that I refuel my creative spirit. I love to read.

Where can we get more information about you and your book?

You can find out more about the book at http://www.rightbrainbusinessplan.com. You can also visit http://rightbrainersinbusiness.com to learn about the Right-Brainers in Business Summit started this week.


To win a copy of Jenn's book, leave a comment on the post below by Friday, March 4th at 12 pm EST. If you'd like, leave a comment about how you think the book could be helpful for you!

UPDATE: Congrats to Sheri D. Maple who won a copy of Jenn's book!

Full Wolf Moon and Other Goodies

January 19th, 2011, Comments (9)

With tonight being the Full Wolf Moon, I sat down after dinner to make a dreamboard, something I used to do with collaged images, but in the last year or so I have enjoyed drawing or painting them. I thought it was a good thing to share during the month of cosmos! In this one, I intuitively drew a tree growing from a wolf, with the various branches holding things I want to manifest, such as a healthy body and baby. Have you made a dreamboard for the full moon before? You can find out more about them from the amazing, Jamie Ridler.

I've got a couple other goodies to share too!

1. The lovely and talented, Liv Lane is celebrating the one year anniversary of her Happy HeART giveaways and to help her celebrate, I'm giving away one of my prints! All you have to do is stop by and leave a comment here.

2. My calendar publisher offered me a great discount after the holidays, so I picked up some more, so I could pass the savings on to you! While they last, you can grab one of my 2011 calendars for half off! And if you'd like a drawing on your birthday in the calendar, simply order a second item (greeting card, print, or original art.)

3. The Soul Art TV series of interviews of Creative Revolutionaries has been so fun to watch! If you haven't checked them out yet,  you can sign up here (they're free) and get a whole bunch of free gifts in the process! I'll let you know when my interview is up.

Giveaway! THIS Moment at the wish studio

November 10th, 2010, Comments (44)

Hooray for a giveaway! I'm excited to giveaway a spot in the lovely Mindy Tsonas's e-course, THIS moment: all you have is all you need. Below, is a description of the e-course, which you read all about in more detail here.

THIS Moment will take you on an eye opening, heart spilling, and meaningfully creative journey! The 5 week ecourse includes:

  • - daily posts (mon-thurs.) filled with images, essays, and stories from my own life, as well as from special guests who’ve shone a light for me along the way, will serve as your inspiration and guide.
  • - accompanying daily downloads, which will become the pages of your very own THIS moment Workbook,  with prompts for you to scribble words, make messy and meaningful art, as well as practices and creative projects to help keep you focused on the true beauty of your life… right here, right now.
  • - a printable piece of art that will serve as your THIS moment Manifesto, to hang somewhere special and remind you to practice the present.
  • - a private space for sharing your art and thoughts with class participants. here, you can make connections while inspiring and supporting one another throughout the course.
  • - a complete copy of the ecourse posts in a downloadable PDF for you to take with you at the end of the class.

live the life of your dreams by loving the life you have
november 15 – december 16th, 2010

Want a spot in this delicious class? Just leave a comment. Share something about how you stay in the moment, if you'd like. I'll be randomly selecting one commenter on Saturday to win a spot in the class, which starts this Monday. Good luck!

UPDATE: The randomly selected winner is...Nolwenn!! Congrats! If you'd still like to join in, there's still time to sign up for the class, which starts on Monday!

Mini Memory Tree Giveaway

September 23rd, 2010, Comments (5)

The piece I started last week became this mini memory tree. It's a little hard to capture in a photo the way this looks, but the surface is covered in clear medium, which gives it a nice gloss, and I carved the tree shape into it before it dried, so it has lots of interesting dimension and texture. When I painted over it , some little pockets of blue formed in the sky that I'm really digging. I'm calling it a "Mini Memory Tree" and I did it to give away.

I'll be giving this piece away to one person who donates (any amount is wonderful!) to the Alzheimer's Association for the walk I'm doing this weekend in memory of my grandmother who passed away last November.

I'll be counting any donation by the end of September towards the giveaway. I'll randomly select one person on October 1st and send them this 4"x4" mixed-media piece for their very own! You can find out more and make a donation here.

p.s. I had an amazing time at Squam and loved creating with and meeting so many creative people! I'll have more to share about that soon!

p.p.s. A lot of folks have been asking about Art Every Day Month, which is right around the corner! I'll be talking a lot more about it in October along with sign-up info and how to participate, so stay tuned!

Other places to find my art

January 28th, 2010, Comments (12)


Over at Liv Lane's blog, Choosing Beauty, Liv is having a giveaway for a print of my mixed-media piece, Lantern. You can enter to win by leaving a comment on her blog by Friday 1/29 at midnight!

I also love the question Liv asks with the giveaway, "What lights your way on your darkest days?" I answered the question in the comments and have been enjoying reading the answers from others! Liv is a fellow Creative Every Day Challenge participant, who also co-hosts a fabulous weekly radio show in Minnesota called Get Real, which I got to be a guest on last month!

You can also be entered to win one of my prints every month by subscribing to my Blue Tree Art Gallery newsletter. The sign-up form for that is in the lower left corner of the site, where I offer original art, prints, greeting cards, and calendars featuring my work.

This month and next, you can also see my work on the beautiful online zine, All Things Girl. The theme this month is Through the Looking Glass and my pieces, Leap and Listening are featured.

A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone here for supporting my growth as an artist. It means the world to me!

And the envelope please…

October 23rd, 2009, Comments (14)

Woo! It was pretty wild having three giveaways this week, but I hope you enjoyed it! I used a random number generator to select the winners of the first two giveaways for Goddess Leonie's Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit and my Art Every Day Month Survival Guide.

Although the contest for the Survival Guide is closed, you can still sign up for Art Every Day Month anytime by letting me know how you'd like to be listed in the list of participants (which will be up in my sidebar next week.) Just let me know if you'd like to be listed as your name (first and last or first and last initial), a blog, or a flickr account and I'll add you!

And, the giveaway for Andrea's Creativity Kit is open til Monday, so you can still enter by leaving a comment on Thursday's post!

And now, without further ado, the winners!

leonie dream

The winner of Goddess Leonie's Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit is: Lucy of Mixed Medium Musings. Congrats, Lucy!

aedm survivalguide 300

And the winner of my Art Every Day Month Survival Guide is Vicki of Faint Heart Art. Congrats, Vicki!!

I'll be emailing the winners to let them know. Thanks to everyone who played along. I hope you all have a wonderfully creative weekend!