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Creative Every Day Challenge: March 2021

March 2nd, 2021, Comments (2)

Happy March 2021 of the Creative Every Day Challenge! This month, I offer a completely optional theme of Dirt. Use it if it sparks your creativity, or let it go if it doesn't. What could dirt mean for your creativity this month? Perhaps you'll literally dig in the dirt in a garden, perhaps you'll draw a scene of what lives beneath the ground, maybe you'll paint or knit in the brown shades. Feel share a link or simply comment below if you have anything you want to share over the course of the month. You can also share in the Facebook group. Creativity of all kinds are welcome. It could be drawing, writing, photography, clay, music, knitting, cooking, anything can be creative, so just have fun with it. Feel free to commit to your creativity anytime during the year here.

Below is my painting, Perseverance, which I painted last month and will be in my shop shortly.