June 18th, 2007

I had written this whole post right before I left for the weekend and my browser suddenly quit on me and the whole thing was erased. Arg! So, I'll try to re-create most of it.

Firstly, some exciting news! I've been invited to submit a series of small pieces for the Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH this fall. I'm thrilled to be a part of this show with so many wonderful artists. (Nahcotta also has a blog!)

Secondly, a slight change in plans. Due to feedback on the timing of the Artist's Way workshop at The Wish Studio, we've bumped the workshop up to Spring 2008 (dates tbd). The summer is a tricky time for many due to vacations and such and this fall will be nutty for me with my wedding, so spring it is! It will be here before we know it.

Thirdly, Christine Kane has a great post entitled "13 Bodacious Ways to Be Nice to  Yourself." I know for myself, times when things are difficult, when I am most needing self-kindness, those are the times when self-care goes right out the window. Why is that? I think it has something to do with the feeling that there are more important things that need attending to and me, I can wait. But how else are we to maintain our energies when things are difficult? When I can remember that I need to put the air mask on my face first, and do something nice for myself, I usually find that I have more energy to tend to others and to just generally face what's in front of me. In Christine's comments, I posted some of my favorite ways to be nice to myself, including: "make a baby laugh (best feeling in the world and there are always cute babies in places like grocery store lines and out on walks with mom.), buy stickers (not sure why, but i love silly stickers. they’re fun to put on letters, or just to keep.) go to a garden shop (there’s something wonderful about breathing in the earthy smells of fresh turned dirt in a garden shop/nursery. it’s a wonderful treat.)" And I've got loads more ideas, such as: take an hour to browse in a big bookstore grabbing books that interest you and sitting down to flip through them in a comfy chair, have an art picnic, take a long bath or shower surrounded by delicious candles, play, journal, doodle, etc...

Ok, I need to get back to work, so that'll do for now. The wedding was wacky, wild, and much fun. More on that later on perhaps. In the meantime, it's nice to be home. :-)

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Congratulations on Nachotta!!!
Portsmouth is not too far from me at all.
I would love to come meet/support you-is there an opening or something that you’ll be at?

Thanks so much, Tori!!

Yes, there is a reception on September 14th from 5-8pm and I plan on being there! :-)

Congratulations, Leah :)

Congratulations on Nachotta! You deserve it. Your work is amazing.

I love to ponder on ways to be good to myself although, unlike the list on Kane’s blog, I like to think of free or very inexpensive ways to pamper myself. Some of my faves are:

Playing in my journal
Giving my hair a hot oil treatment
Taking a LONG nap in the middle of the day
Watching Pride and Prejudice or Amelie or Jane Eyre
Browsing through a thrift store
Drink iced coffee while sitting on the porch swing

I also love stickers and agree with that one on your list. Why ARE stickers so much fun??? :)


KB :)

so exciting about your submissions to nahcotta. can’t wait to see what wonderful work you share with them!

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