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June 21st, 2007

Although, I've been procrastinating lately, my wedding is sneaking up closer and closer all the time. The fiansor's brother's wedding in NYC was Saturday (and it was ridiculous and fun...there were impersonators...nuff said) and so there were tons of relatives asking about our wedding, how plans were going, etc... It put me into a temporary panic for a moment because I've been putting things off and yeah, those save the dates, there still in my hands. So, I kicked it into a gear a bit this week, got envelopes addressed (still missing some, but I don't have to hold up the rest because of a few missing addresses, right? right.) and here's a pic (paper is more blue in person):


I edited a bunch of it out just in case some crazy people decided to try and crash it. Sounds weird, but I've heard of stranger things happening. Anyways, so we designed the magnet with a piece of my art featuring a fall tree and then I used clear photo corners to affix it to the back of the invite I put together in Photoshop using Paper Source's pretty "bluebell" paper. Don't ask about actual invites yet, I have no clue.

And the most fun wedding update I have is a gorgeous pair of wedding earrings, that I spotted in a local jewelry store and the fiansor bought up for me because he's a sweetheart. The blue topaz at the bottom will be my something blue and it looks so nice with my eyes. Aww, I sound so girly! I have my first fitting coming up in a couple weeks. (Ahhhh!!!) and I kinda, no I really need to find wedding shoes so that the seamstress will know what length to make my dress. I guess that's important.


We've got another wedding this weekend. This one's in Boston thankfully, so we won't have to travel far. And my best friend is due to have her first baby any day now. I'm so excited for her. Lots and lots of good things swirling around. More later, I've got some errands to run off to.

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I so remember planning for my wedding… I remember wanting to talk about it all the time with my sister. I really like hearing updates about how it is going!


Enjoy every moment of the planning.
It is a magical time….love the earrings!

WOW!!! Everything seems to be blooming there… your marriage planning, your friend’s baby… All kinds of excitement!!! :o )

Those earrings are gorgeous as I’m sure you will be. Glad you had fun in NYC – next time you’re here, please lets get together. xo

What gorgeous earrings – you are very lucky!

And I hope the wedding plans don’t create too much stress – remember it is only one day and provided you actually get hitched (um is that a British expression…?) I mean married… the rest doesn’t matter that much… the party will be fun whether it works out the way you plan it or not!

And almost everyone I know, including me, over planned and then didn’t get everything to happen quite as intended and it was still BRILLIANT fun!

Jim is off to play in his band at a wedding today on the Isle of Wight – I sometimes go to his band’s wedding gigs too which means I’ve been to lots more than I would otherwise – and provided you don’t have a huge family row the night before which means the band out numbers the guests you’ll be fine!
(And yes I was at that gig and it was embarrassing as the band plus hangers on like me were so welcomed!!)

Beautiful earrings! So elegant!

I’ve never thought about how much planning and thinking goes into a wedding. Wow! Bless your heart. You will get it all done though.

Good luck on the wedding shoe shopping. Sounds fun! :)

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