Angel Update

July 11th, 2007

Wowzers! Some beautiful art has been donated for the Angels for Brianna auction. I got an email this morning saying that the total raised so far is $11,164.00, including cash donations of $2,670. Isn't that amazing?! This is an example of how beautiful the internet can be and the wonderful things it can do. It holds the power to unite and bring people together in such wonderful ways. Here's my art for the auction, an angel just barely touching the surface of the ground, surrounded by butterflies (which are messengers of spirit.) It's 8"x10" on cradled clayboard and is ready to hang.


There were some problems with the website yesterday, but they're all fixed now, so if you checked it before, be sure to stop by again and check out the diverse range of art. The auction ends this Saturday at 6:30 PST. You can read more about Brianna's story here.

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i was by earlier and started reading about brianna’s story – how amazing.

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