Inspiration Treasure Hunt

February 4th, 2008

Yesterday I was feeling super tired and in need of some extra rest and I got it. Today, I'm feeling brighter and have art to share, which I think I'll spread out over a few posts. First off, the finished "Subway Stories" pieces. The first one above is "Park Street" and the one below is "Wollaston." Both are 8"x10" with collaged paper, acrylic and ink on panel. These were the last of ten pieces that I brought up to Nahcotta on Saturday.

I'd originally planned to head up to Nahcotta, which is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Friday, but we were experiencing some yucky weather, so I put it off. It worked out well anyways because on Friday I needed to clean up a bit and then go pick up my youngest brother. My mom and step-dad had bought tickets to see Blue Man Group, but then my step-dad had to be at a conference out of town, so they asked if the hubster and I would take my brother. Of course I was more than happy to oblige! I've been to Blue Man Group twice before, but it was a long time ago, so I was excited to go again. And the hubster had never been. Our seats were awesome. I'd sat in the balcony both times I saw it before and this time we were on the floor. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we grabbed some dinner in the city and then got out just in time (on the way home there was a thunder and lightening storm and it poured!)

On Saturday, after dropping my brother off at home, I drove up to Portsmouth and dropped off my art at Nahcotta. And I really lucked out because it was such a gorgeous day. Especially after the nasty weather we'd had the day before, I was really grateful to be able to walk around outside and soak in some sunshine. Portsmouth has such a great downtown area and because the weather was perfect for strolling, I decided to do a little inspiration treasure hunting. It is easier to do this when you're alone and you can turn your awareness on fully. It's fun to do this in a place you don't visit often or somewhere you've never been before, but really it can be done anywhere. It simply requires that you shift your perception, open your eyes and soak in your surroundings. On my inspiration treasure hunt, I took in the sights and sounds of the bustling downtown area. I peeked in the windows of cafes, gift stores, a typewriter repair shop, and went inside some of them. I touched smooth ceramic bowls, handmade purses, and loads of books in an independent bookstore. I got lunch in a popular lunch spot and savored the tastes of a warm homemade sandwich. I smiled while watching kids (and kids at heart) get all wide-eyed in a funky toy store and scrunched up my nose at the bin of rubber cockroaches for sale. At the end of my treasure hunt, I was tired, but full of inspiration. A successful hunt!

And speaking of treasure, I received a lovely prize from Bridget over the weekend too! For a cartoon caption contest, Bridget sent me the sweetest collection of pins for my inspiration board and gorgeous magnets all featuring black and white drawings. I love them!

I hope that there was loads of inspiration to be found in your weekend adventures!

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Ah, it sounds as though you have had a lovely weekend. I think that is always good for creativity in the studio, and it sounds like that is just what happened with you.

This subway series is really quite wonderful…I like it a lot!

It is amazing how creative we can be when we relax.

I will keep watching to see what else you have to share.

I love discovering little places within the town I live and treasures that reside in each nook and cranny. Once open to inspiration, it can be found everywhere. :)

Thanks for all the incredible sources of inspiration, Leah. I’m loving Creative Everyday, especially because for a very long time I’ve been creative everyday. So nice to consider all of what I do in this context.

Wanted to share with you an idea about memory boards, etc.: glue wine bottle corks onto a long strip of narrow, thin wood, like bender board, and nail these long corky things up wherever, and pin stuff on.

Thanks again!

Nice idea! What a lovely description of your treasure hunt. I will think of my forays for inspiration as treasure hunts from now on.

I love your Subway series. I know I’ve told you that before, but I still do. I see something different in them every time I visit. wonderful!

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