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April 2nd, 2008

Whew! Yesterday was a long day! Long, pleasant flight. From the airport I rented a car, drove into Seattle, found the ferry, rode a ferry to Bainbridge Island (that's the view from my car on the ferry above and a shot from the ferry below), and drove another hour from there to Port Townsend. The drive is totally breathtaking coming into town along the water and the main drag is jam-packed with adorable little shops of all kinds.

I didn't get an on campus room at Artfest (they were sold out), so I found a cute little place in town. It wasn't expensive, they gave a discount to Artfest folks, and it was within walking distance to town. The downside was I had to lug my suitcase up the stairs. And this was no small suitcase. I can literally fit myself into this thing and it was heavy with art supplies, but I dragged it up there and found my adorable room. I'm sitting in it now after having some lunch. I pulled a wicker chair up to the window where you can see the water. So pretty!!

Yesterday I walked all over town. I was already exhausted and kind of zombie-like, but it was a nice day and I wanted to enjoy it. There were so many cute stores to check out. I just browsed, only picking up some food and toothpaste. I didn't want to go spending too much on my first day!

Seems like this town was made for me. I saw numerous bookstores and three art supply stores! Three! This morning I got to sleep in, but with the time change I could sleep late and it was still so early when I woke up! Hee! I love that. I had pre-ordered a canvas for a class (that was just not going to fit in my suitcase) at the Akamai art supply store that offered a discount (and a free bag) to Artfest attendees. What a gorgeous store this place was. I felt all teary for a moment when I walked in and saw the gorgeous (and plentiful) art goodies and the store's cat, Winny. The store had a cat! Be still my heart. It's always good to get a kitty fix when I'm away from my own fuzzes.

The place was hopping with Artfest folks who seemed to be traveling in groups. I introduced myself to a couple people at the counter, but I didn't meet anyone that I knew from the online world or anyone taking the same classes as I am. I'm sure I'll meet a lot of people tonight because I'll be at the Fort for dinner and then the kick-off meeting. I made this cute "Night Owl" painting (above) before I left and I've been playing with more atc's. And now, I'm off to wander about some more. Toodaloo!

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Leah, welcome to WA! I love that drive to Port Townsend… if you run into a lovely woman named Deborah, author of the blog at definitely intro yourself and tell her Kara sends a big artfest miracle to her! She’s from my island and very cool. Usually has purple streaks in her hair…
Wish I could be there…have loads of fun!

Night Owl *is* so lovely!! Hope you have a fantastic time at Artfest!

oh leah…..have fun! when you said you teared up when you entered the artstore. i always do that! there is one in bloomington called pygmalians
oh my gosh….such a happy place.

have fun! if you meet kim carney, kelly rae or michelle ensminger
please give them a squeeze from me!


Enjoy your time at Artfest–what a great place to have it, it sounds perfect!!

Three art supply stores!!! Wow! Sounds like they’ve got their priorites straight! Now that’s a town!

Oh Leah! It’s so much fun to explore a new place. And it must just be brimming with creative energy! Your trek up stairs with huge luggage reminded me of when hubby & I went to Europe. We stayed at a lovely B&B along a canal in Harlem, Netherlands where we had to go up to the 4th floor (or 3rd floor if you’re counting in European) which were quite steep and the hand rail was minimal. We had a huge suitcase because attending a wedding was on our itinerary. Fortunately my chivalrous hubby lugged that thing.
Have a WONDERFUL time. Wish I was there.

Yes, Seattle is a magical place. Funny I found this tonight, as just this afternoon, I was reminiscing about making the same trip across the Sound in my car in 1994, the last year I actually lived in Seattle. I’m now in NYC working in a corporation, but would love to live there again as my sister, niece and brother-in-law live in Seattle and my parents live in Bellingham and I miss them all! I also make wire screen and mache masks. Visit my art blog at

Leah, I hope you are having a wonderful time. My parents used to have property near Port Townsend, so I spent a lot of time there when I was growing up. And I love the ferry system – I still get giddy to go on a ferry! Take care.

Sounds like a fabulous place to be – hope you have a great time!

I L-O-V-E Port Townsend! My DH and I did a three-week trip throughout the Northwest about 10 years ago, and Port Townsend was one of my favorite spots (okay, followed closely by Glacier National Park). Being a Florida girl born and bred, it was a wonderful adventure. Enjoy it!

I had a friend who lived on Bainbridge for a while and commuted to work on the mainland. She would send lovely little pictures of her apartment over a garage. I have to say I’ve never seen much ugly out on that coast (except maybe where they’re logging the redwoods)…hope your adventure is all you expected and much much more! Have fun!

That looks and sounds absolutely wonderful. Have the best time, enjoy every moment… Seems you’ve already made a great start. Thanks for taking us along on the trip!

Hey, lady! I’ve been keeping my eyes open for you – and spotted your owl painting in the gallery! I’m short with dark hair and a grey fleece vest (yeah, that’ll distinguish me from everyone else!!) Hope to connect . . . Bridget B.

I hope one day I can go there.Amazing!

I envy your being there…I Love Port Townsend and the Fort too where we once stayed in the youth hostel there while traveling. We too loved the town and all its quaint and artsy shops. You are brave to travel alone and get yourself there and you will have a ball I am sure of it. Seems you are good at enjoying yourself alone as well, good for you! Can’t wait to hear more.

Wow! I just love to travel. You always see new things and have new experiences. Hope artfest goes fantastic for you :)

Gorgeous. I love owls; This is fabulous….

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