Courage to Walk the Line

May 9th, 2008

I've seen this traveling around the blog world, but didn't stop to watch it til yesterday on Rebecca's blog. It inspired me so much that I had to share. Gotta love that she just kept going even when she "failed."

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Every time I watch it makes my toes curl – and she just takes in stride! Awesome.

that was one the most beautiful things I have ever seen!! Wow! Just think what the world could be if every person had that vision, dedication, strength, and spark??

Thanks Leah! I told my son about it. He was feeling a bit down from going through the cancer treatments. This
encourged me and thought it would him too.

I went to Rebecca’s blog and left a message also.

God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

I cried at the end! Cheered for her as she tried! I loved this. So inspiring… :)

faliure gets such a bad wrap…we are all so afraid of the big ugly beast, but in reality, failure hurts, but gently lifts you back up and helps dust you off. i know.

fabulous!! i am cheering and sniffling and speechless. hurray libby!!!!

Loved it!

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