Cat Crazy

January 13th, 2009

As the owner of four lovable cats, some might say I'm a bit cat crazy. O.k., plenty of people might say that! Well, either way, I can't help but share some of the great cat stories I see form time to time.

I saw this video on Belle's blog. It features The Cat House on the Kings, a simply amazing no-kill shelter for cats (and some dogs too) in California. What a sweet life these kitties have. I would totally love to hang out there every day. They do such fabulous work, so if you can, do donate a bit to this wonderful non-profit that helps so many kitties find good homes and is home to all those who don't get adopted for whatever reason.

These other bits are just for fun. This next video was discovered through the twittering of divabat. It features a kitty who wanders on to the set of a t.v. meteorologist and gets in on the action. Too cute.

And lastly, a game for your iphone called Mew Mew Tower. I may have to check this one out. I'm not usually a video game person (because I stink at them and get frustrated!), but this one has such a great name. Heh. Yep, I'm cat crazy.

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What an awesome, AWESOME cat sanctuary!!! That video was so wonderfully inspiring. I can’t even tell you! Can you see yourself opening up a no kill cat sanctuary some day? I can! :)

Leah—you will love this other great cat video:

Peace & Love.

I ♥ cats! Plain and simple. :) When I have some extra bit of cash I will definitely send some along to The Cat House. :)

I am a cat-lover, too. Have you visited It’s a really fun, simple blog. Cats, in sinks!

The Cat House on the Kings is an amazing place. I’ve never seen so many happy cats before!

Hah, hah! I loved Lupin’s debut.

I’m so glad you posted the video! We tried to watch it from the BBC website and it didn’t work. Sooo cuute!

As ann ardent cat lover – owned by three fur babies currently – I loved these two videos
thanks so much for sharing them

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