CED February Theme: Words!

January 21st, 2009


January isn't over yet, but I want to give you a little something to get excited about, the theme for Creative Every Day Challenge in February!

The *totally optional* February theme will be Words. There are SO many ways to approach this theme. You could:

  • Play with writing (fiction, non-fiction, poetry.)
  • Use words in your artwork.
  • Combine writing and art in an art journal.
  • Alter a book.
  • Learn the definitions of words and see what it inspires.
  • Pay attention to the words you use.
  • Practice saying mantras.
  • Write and send letters or postcards (to friends or yourself!)
  • Bake letter shaped cookies.

How to use the themes:

  • If you're feeling creatively stuck or blocked at any point during the month, use the theme as a source of inspiration to get you moving.
  • In the case of words, explore how you can use words in your work, journal about what words means to you, or use one of the examples above!
  • Using the theme is entirely optional for CED participants. Use it if it inspires you, ignore it if it doesn't.
  •  I'll be sharing posts throughout the month around the theme (among other things) to get you thinking about how to incorporate that particular theme into your life. Feel free to make suggestions or share how you use that theme in your creative worlds throughout the month.
  • Feel free to focus on the theme in your creative activities for the entire month or as much as you'd like.
  • Have fun with it!

Words are alive; cut them and they bleed. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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These words are really food for thought. Great idea!

how exciting! cant wait…

Ooohhhh… words. Now you’re talking (pun intended)… :) It was a great idea to give us a heads up on next months theme. I think it will work to everyone’s creative advantage.

And BTW – I love the short hair on this goddess. Short hair is often overlooked as a beautiful statement of expression. (am I totally giving away that I have short hair myself?)

One more thing… did you see jennlui’s “Goddess Journey Circle” that begins March1st? I am amped to participate. You should play with her 2.

She’s very wistful-looking! Pretty.

I love words. I’m a wordsmith!

HEY! I already started on February’s assignment with my broadside today! (And that was play!, LOL!)

Like Mary Taitt, I’ve already started with the February assignment as WELL! http://gotart4u.blogspot.com/2009/01/life-lesson-part-ii.html

Cool, I’m one project ahead of schedule *hee hee*

Wonderful Idea! <3

Oooohhhh yay yay yay!!! i’m in LOVE with your february prompt!!! i LOVE words!!! hee hee!!! and words are so much FUN on collaged postcards, journal pages, under layers in paintings and and… well yes i do love words!!! very powerful!!!

thanks for sharing your list of ideas on how to used “words”, i can’t wait to see what you and others create with WORDS!!! yay yay yay!!!

thanks leah!!! you’re FABULOUS!!!
peace and love to you!!!

I’m excited about this theme! I love the expression on the girl’s face. Beautiful.

I too am excited about words as a theme. I’ve been wanting to incorporate more words in my paintings, but for some reason, have not. Or altered books or collage, or something. I used to do it and maybe this will be the prompt to get me back to the words.

Plus, maybe I will consider poetry again.

This also serves to remind me that I forgot to play as soon as I fell into a creative funk. Same story as usual. It all gets too important, to exhausting.

Maybe it’s because I forgot to play.

oh I can totally do this… I want to work on my writing. Thank you!

words. Have I mentioned how much I look words in art – even tho I’m not that good at getting them there. This will be a great chance to change that!

Thank you for your comment on my blog.
This is very exciting! I’m already looking forward to February’s CED :)

Thanks for giving it to us early, Leah, so it can simmer. Great pick. Since I started art journalling I’ve been annoyed with my lettering, so I’ll probably play with that. Oh, and that’s an stunning quote from Emerson.

well that is lovely theme, I don`t write poetry or books but I love to read… this will definitely inspire my creativity in February…


Thank you for making my days brighter, more colorful and creative with your Creative Every Day~

Also, please go to my Blog and Pick Up Your Award :)

Thanks for giving us a preview of the theme!

I love to play with words. Remember Mad Libs? My son and I pulled them out recently ~ what a hoot!

Hey Leah,
Love the next topic/challenge/idea. Am looking forward to challenging myself which will beinteresting see what I come up with after all my playing I am doing. I have never felt so relaxed – not caring what I do with what medium – just PLAYING.
I have been busy the past few days with my play, have a look if you have time.
Thanks again for these challenges/ideas/topics I am really enjoying myself.

Good one Leah! I almost always write words on my paintings. I just have more to say than a ‘picture’ can tell.

Here’s some naughty kitten love for you – yesterday they were 3 months old!


Hi Leah!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment about the quote I painted, it was really lovely of you :)

Your work is just DIVINE!!!! I am heading to Flickr to check out more of it right now! And I LOVE your CED challenge – can I please join in too? I use words a LOT in my art and I have some work which would fit perfectly.

Lovely to meet you :)

Karen xx

I don’t know if it’s because of my design background or what exactly, but I love being able to draw words into a piece of art. I hoard prints with type in it in my Etsy favorites :)

I love this beautiful painting! Have a great weekend, Leah!

Word is my kind of … ermmmmm …word! LOL!

After making a thousand sand castles and shrieking like a little girlie while making splashes in the sea I can say I really used up the PLAY. ;)

Oooh, I’ll definitely be excited with this February theme!! I love, love words. :)

Oh yes I would love to join in. I think this would be very good for me as I seem to have a creative block right now. Thanks, Sharon

This is great! I managed to ‘play’ at the torch this week & it was certainly something I needed, just getting back into it. I love the words – so even if I can’t do something in glass with them – it might just mean that it’s a good time to start an art journal of sorts.
Leah; this really has given me the ‘jump start’ I needed so very much – I can’t thank you enough!

Oooo! I am looking forward to this month! Couldn’t play in January, but February looks good! *grin*


I enjoyed the “play” month. This theme “Words” will be good for me as I’ve never added words to my work before. I’m taking an online class right now on Visual Journaling and this weeks assignment is to actually write on our pages. So this theme fits right in! Now to get over my fear and do it!

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words and images are tools to share thoughts and dreams.
often words are not enough…so i sing or dance or paint or compose to understand myself…..sonja said

I just learned about this great project from visiting one of the participating blogs. One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to post art or art related material every day. So far I’ve been able to do that.

I will be joining your challenge. It sure seems like fun.


Before I even read this, I was working on altering a book and using words in the alteration. Great Idea! Thanks for the incentive to keep working.

Hi Leah!`
I am so impressed and inspired by you! I did my “word” challenge today…just barely getting it in in February! It’s all about the names they give to paint chips!
Thanks for mudging me along on my creative journey!

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