Creative Every Day: January 5th – 11th, 2009

January 5th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day 2009 participants! From here on out, these CED posts will be posted every Monday.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post or use the "Mr. Linky" widget below to link to a post (or posts) about your creative activities during the days of 1/5/08 - 1/11/09.

To find out more about Creative Every Day 2009, check out the details here and then if you want to sign up, leave a comment on this post or email me to let me know (a link to my email is in the upper left sidebar.) When you contact me, let me know how you'd like to be listed in the sidebar (I can list you as your name or as a link to a blog if you have one, a blog is not required!)

The totally optional theme for January is Play! I'll be posting about this theme throughout the month. You can find out more about how you can use the theme here.

There are some folks participating who do not have a blog and for some reason their names are linking to the CED info page. I'm not sure why that's happening, but I wanted you to know that when you click on a name that takes you to the CED page, it means that they don't have a blog at this time.

Happy Creating!!

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." ~ Ray Bradbury

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I am diving into my creative spirit wholeheartedly this year…each and every day, in some way. Thank you for the great inspiration!
Peace & Love,

I cannot believe I am not first at this early hour in the morning, but Barb it is nice to see you here.

Leah, thank you for the inspiration and “kick in the butt” to be creative every day.

hey i was wondering if you or anyone else might know how to get the CED widget picture to work in wordpress? i can’t get to work, not even with the same process i used to get my own picture up….
ok and also thanx again for putting this on! its very inspirational!

I have been painting tons of tissue for future collage, messing around with different journal page back grounds, and stitching beads on wings of a new angel fish I am concocting…nothing is picture worthy at this point in time!
A note on Play…I was getting ready to paint a journal background and my husband announced he was starving..I grumbled my way into the kitchen and started chopping potatoes to roast and tried to turn my thinking I chucked an old tater in the sink…hmmmm…a future stamp! After the taters were in I carved it up and used it on the journal entry…kind of silly…a terricble carving…but it made me smile!

Hi Leah
I have signed up but don’t appear to be on the list on the right ? Have I done it right? Will start to play today!

I’ve put up a couple of watercolour / sketches over on my blog. I haven’t quite mastered how to link to just one post yet but hopefully will for the next post!

Good morning creative people! I have destashed and repurposed some of my papers. Here’s a link to my post

I thought I signed up yesterday, but I managed to add myself to the 2008 list! Oops. I hope this works now!

This was from yesterday, and I also wrote a new poem, hope to post that soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR and many happy creative healthy days ahead to you!

Hey Leah,

Happy new year!!!!!! Happy new blog – I’ve got one! :) YAY!


I added the link to my journal pages for the first 4 days and pics of some of the things I did. Hope this is ok. Ninnie

it’s great to visit the flicker group and see what other folks are doing. i hope to get to some of the blogs soon as well…and i am glad to be reminded that even if i don’t complete a piece of art every day i’m still being creative- by doodling, or cooking or any variety of other actions.


I did it! I played with “hair” not real hair, but pencil hair. I kept going and going like that Duracell battery.

I have the picture in my blog. What do I do next?

This weekend our family got creative with a big project due for our 5th grade son. He had to read a fantasy genre book and do a project. Does anyone remember the book The Phantom Tollbooth? That was one of my faves as a kid and even as an adult. He read it and was hooked. We made a scale model of a topographical map of the Kingdom of Wisdom complete with the Mountains of Ignorance, the Foothills of Confusion, the Forest of Sight, the Valley of Sound, the Doldrums (terrible to get stuck in). We used foam core for the base, styrofoam for the mountains and hills carved away, and drywall compound over the entire top. The cities, signs and castles were made using Shrinky-Dink material (don’t you love that retro stuff?). When we get it done this week I will post a picture on my blog (when I manage to figure out how to do that!). Enjoy the day!
Erin, TesoriTrovati

Hi all! I’m loving seeing what you’re up to!!

Sheri, I spotted this page on customizing wordpress sidebars. Let me know if it’s helpful!

Pirk, just keep on playing and having fun with it!

Ninnie, yes, you’re doing great!

If you signed up in the last day or so, I may not have put you up on the list of participants yet, but if it’s been more than 24 hours, pop me an email to double check because I do slip up from time to time!

Keep up the great play! :-)

hi leah. oh yes i am back. i do something creative every day and my word for this year is ‘learn’….thanks for this marvellous inspiration…yahoo i’m back!

I’ve had a lovely day today playing on my blog and have a new header and a couple of posts – I really find my blog a lovely way to record my playful times

I am loving being part of this already

I wouldn’t have been creative today but I felt I must – so I did

Thank you

It’s great to start another year off with Creative Everyday. Thanks again, Leah.

I have some crochet and a journal post posted.

Happy Day Everyone!

I love this idea! I would love to participate…I’ll come back in a bit and get ALL the info to get going on this.Thanks.Laurie

My theme for 2009 – “Reach for Possibility”

The linked post is my creativity from yesterday, 1/4.

Happy creative play to everyone!

oooohhhh what a fabulous start to this awesome new year!!! there are so many creative everyday participants!!! yay yay yay!!! thank YOU leah for gathering all these creative souls together!!!

here my mantra card for this week:

it’s kind of a little sneaky peak at a project i will be starting soon… 100 love notes to be sent out into the world!!! amazingly fun!!!

have a beautiful monday evening!!!

peace and love

Come play with me….The first 25 people to link to my blog…Tag! You will be it! Copy the instructions and paste in your blog and challenge 25 others to play too! Let’s get to know each other better!

I almost forgot! P.S. Let me know that you have played and leave me message on my blog or an email and I will check you out!

Someone please stop me. This is so not like me, making a drawing in a day. One yesterday and the other tonight.

I love all the beautiful work I’ve seen so far, this is a great inspiration for me.

happy new year leah and other ced’rs.. onward to 2009!! :)

I have posted a painting and it’s progression on my blog along with another that I am almost done with…one is Himalayan Foothills 1&2, the other: Landscape in Red 4…that’s going to be keeping me busy for the rest of the week…

hoping you and everybody had a great holiday!

I wrote another new poem today. This is not the poem I wrote yesterday, which I did not have time to post yet.

Actually posting about last week and my plan for the year. I expect posting to be pretty limited since I think the blogging actually eats up more time than the actual art-making and photo-taking!

Exclamation points! Wheeee!

I’m always trying to live creatively every day! I’m excited to be part of your project with the new year and to see everyone’s creativity!!

I do believe I am first today. I’m feeling a bit competitive today. ROFLMAO

I am taking a couple of online workshops and trying to do something creative besides that every day. So far, so good.

Thanks, Leah!

I had a lovely creative day today and am quite pleased with the book cover I made for a friend. The photo’s on my blog.

I was hit with inspiration again, starting to feel the shifting of wanting to create and feel I have to!
Here’s a link to my newest offering, thanks Leah for the help!

i made a “little shade” for my little villiage… it’s a painting. :)

FINALLY found the journal I wanted to use and I spent the morning playing in it! Did my fist page…acrylics spread with a credit card, gluing, writing, PLAYING!!!

Wrote a bit about my creating thus far in the new year. I’m looking forward to staying on a streak…meeting new challenges…meeting new friends. I haven’t posted yet for this year, but here I am trying again. Best of the New Year to everyone!

Here it is January 6th and I’m just sorta getting started! But like Dory says…”just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, just swim, swim, swim…

Is anyone starting “The Artist’s Way” as the new year begins? (email me from my website if you are!)

Happy New Year Everybody!

well I just successfully completed my FIRST craft/art type challenge last year…a DECK OF ME project where you create artwork on a playing card each week of the year based on weekly prompts.

ONE of my goals this year was to continue on in some way….to find a challenge of some kind…where I could try to continue being creative as I sometimes need a push to make the time or see that perhaps I have been creative but not in a way considered “the norm.”

I came across this by chance and decided to sign up….I will definitely post things on one of my blogs and on the flickr site you have set aside for this project. Thanks so much for the lovely inspiration your art has generated in me to being creative. I love it. The colors….the designs…..are all so beautiful and soothing. I am so sorry I missed out on one of your calendars as I would have loved to have gotten one of those to hang here in my office/craft room for more inspiration and dreaminess!

Anyway….I am looking forward to this!

oh…you can just link me by my blog if you like on the side bar…

some of my other blogs are then shown on my profile if anyone ever gets interested…


I consider my blog one of the creative daily things I and I recently had a blog milestone–I had my 200,000 visitor! to honor this milestone I am sponsoring a Give-Away –I am giving away hand knit hats! so do check it out. I was in this group in 2008 and found it to be very inspiring, so decided to continue….

BIG OOPS! I meant my 20,000th blog visitor–not my 200,00th–but I think 20,000 is still a big milsetone…..

I decided on my 2009 word “NOW” in mid December and it has influenced my choices since then. I’m now finding that I hear ‘creative every day’ in my thoughts — it’s going to be a great year!

Today i began in my journal… i started with the most basic form of artistic release… scribbling. It was a great form of emotional release and relaxation. It’s fun too! Try it yourself and you will see what I mean!

I am off to go find and dust off my journal. It has been a long time and I need to get back to drawing again. I look forward to the inspiration of all my new artist friends.
Happy New and Creative Year!

You do know it is a wonderful job you are doing with the CED!

My entry for today is my art journal, the entry is in loving memory of my grandmother.


Yes … I’m starting my journal too.
Feel so fresh in this new year.

Wow look at all the participants. Cool. I’ve changed my focus a little and have spent some more time on process and less on product. In fact I’m writing about the creative process and almost creating a curriculum or outline of what I am going through. It’s enlightening.

I spent a good part of the day catching up with my blog. I’ve responded to challenge to art journal every day of January & since I was out of town, I didn’t get anything posted until today.
I am playing by just cutting loose with some of my face sketches. My husband thinks a style is starting to emerge from this play.

I have new journal pages up. Check them out when you get a chance. :)

Just linked my post from 1/5. I’m on a roll! Perpetual motion… i hope!

Today I have posted 2 collage pieces. I’m pretty pleased with them, as I used colors that I don’t usually use. I’m more of a vintage-sepia-tones-type-of-woman. Well, at least I THOUGHT I was. Ha! Come take a look if you get a chance.

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