Creative Every Day Check-In: March 1 – 7

March 1st, 2010

This weekly check-in post is a place for Creative Every Day Challenge participants to share their creative activities.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for March is Stories. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month and you can feel free to use it to inspire your creations, follow your own muse, or do some combination. You can find out more about this month's theme and some prompts to get you started with it here.

Happy Creating!

The universe is made of stories, not atoms. —Muriel Rukeyser

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I have enjoyed exploring this month’s theme of ‘Home’ very much! The link above goes to a post where I summerise all my explorations of this rich theme. Thanks so much for this challenge!

Had a great article hit the Pittsburgh Trib newspaper about our grief & creativity work and the new Woodmont Ave book that’s just out. Just finished the layout for the guts of the 1000 Permissions Granted book & cover is close…that book should be out for the start of the Permissions group session that starts March 20th… so… CED for sure! :)

a story well created . should be fun . good theme choice leah

Good morning, Leah! Wow, has it been wonderful to tap into creativity again with the outlets I’ve not exercised in some time, and to appreciate what creative things I’ve been doing as equally valuable! I had an epiphany the other night, and set up shop with a blog page just for my writing and hopefully, postings of my artwork. Yes, I’ve used my biz blog to post my creative endeavors, talked about them on my mom blog but my muse awoke to say, HEY! Why not put your writing on a page that’s just for your creative thoughts? Business is business, and my mom blog I’ve noticed focuses on my role as a mother. But who am I when I create for the sake of being creative? Where do I go when I want to write and not try to make it for income? What about my art that I don’t necessarily want to sell to put money in my pocket? So, my muse told me “Hello, create a page just for you.” Interesting how women hold many roles and keep our minds straight but hey, we’re great at multitasking, aren’t we? I will post the link for anyone to read next week when we check in; I remain to keep my biz link with you when I signed on, so no changes necessary. Ahh….here’s to March!

Leah, I am so excited about “the stories” theme for March. As you know, I’m a writer, photographer and artist. I have a book project “Mona’s Work” that I’m committed to focusing on for the whole month. My big challenge will be how much or little to share with Creative Potager blog readers as the writing will be hot-off-the-press and not really ready for public consumption. Do you or other Creative Every Day participants have any suggestions?

I’m working on a little series of colorful drawings that could be made into note cards. Each one is just a little picture story in and of itself. The recipient (or sender) of the card can weave their own story based on what is written inside…=)

This month, I will be reflecting on the story of my own life and how it is unfolding. Do I like the plot? What about the cast of characters? Does my story need more movement, more adventure, more spice? Maybe a new love interest?

in addition to creating new things for my april e-course, i’m also being creative every day by repurposing my clothes.
i’m looking for creative ways to sew, create and recycle cloths this month. will be a fun challenge!

I’ve not been very creative this past month, but I did a sketch and posted it over the weekend. I was inspired by a photo my cousin posted on Facebook. Seems like I slept through Feb. Maybe I will get back on board regularly this month. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying your creative projects. :) Happy creating all!

Leah – I found your blog through a link on Terrill Welch’s Creative Potager blog ( I’m so glad she pointed the way!

None of mine really fit the febrauary prompt, but I did a little bit of writing.

Hi, Leah-
I’m struggling with , ” What is an artist ? ”
To my way of thinking the answer is, ” A person who makes art ”
Our culture seems to think you haven’t earned the right to call yourself a ” True Artist ” unless you’re selling your work.

I’m trying out short daily art sessions of 15 min (thanks for the inspiration, Leah), playing with paper and finding ways to make collage without glue.

Great theme for March, by the way. I was just reading this morning about the artist’s statement and the importance of stories.

Hey guys! I’m excited to see what unfolds for everyone this month! Your enthusiasm and sharing gets me excited! :-)

Elizabeth, oh, that’s a tough struggle, but I agree with your answer. A person who makes art is an artist. Some folks might not agree, but in the end, it matters not what they think, ya know? It’s still hard sometimes, but that’s the truth of it. I know you are an artist!

Terrill, sounds like a wonderful focus for the month! A couple ideas for how to share…perhaps you could talk about how the writing process is going for you, share how you’re moving past your blocks, or share just a few sentences here and there?

Welcome, Laurie!

Sharon, I think a lot of folks feel like they’ve slept through February. You’re not alone! Hopefully with Spring on the way, we’ll all be waking and stretching ourselves creatively.

Mare, it’s totally ok not to work with the theme. It’s optional!

Shayla, I’m curious to see how it works out for you!

Hudson, I really like they way you’re looking at your life here. Made me smile.

Gretchen, your description made me think of having a room of one’s own. :-)

Thank you to everyone for your beautiful sharing!

“Who you are moment to moment is just a story.”

—–Chuck Palahniuk

I’ve completed a new quilt for the 12×12 challenge group. It’s inspired by pictures of my garden (which, for me, is part of my house ;-) )

Is anyone else having the problem of feeling drained?? I haven’t really blogged in a while, or really done anything. I just can’t get up the energy, and between classes and work, really the time either. How do you guys find time? What are you tips. I’m hoping the weather will start improving and that my mood will go with it.

emily, I think the weather definatly does make it more challenging this time of year to stay energized and in a good mood..I too have had to work at keeping myself “above water” in how I’m feeling…things I find that help are: getting outside (even if it’s crappy weather, sometimes even the cold rain can’t stop how good it feels to get fresh air!), yoga (I’m kind of bias on this one, but really any type of exercise, heat building activity is good I think…helps get all that sluggish energy moving for me anyway!), turning off the computer (sometimes i spend so much time looking for inspiration online that I don’t actually do anything of my own….until I remember to shut off the computer and instead sit down with my journal…alot of times when I journal first, I find I have more to share on my blog)….I don’t know…those are the ones that help me….And I’ve also been listening to a song by MC Yogi called Give Love, alot!!!! it’s so uplifting…i even posted about it…I’ll go add it to the Mr. Linky thingy!

Only a few days since I discovered this wonderful challenge & community. I had just renewed a personal commitment to creativity after having some health problems that had held me back. So finding all of you was a blessing & support. A couple of days late I did my first ever mixed media collage on the February Home theme (can see on link). Then I was happy to discover that Story was the theme for March.

Storytelling is an integral and essential part of life and there are so many ways to express our stories whether real or imagined. Looking forward to joining in & making each day a creative practice.

I really loved February’s theme of Home and am hoping to settle into ‘Stories’ just as much!
I’m really appreciating the guest posts you have shared so far.
I am inspired by the idea of taking note of the stories we tell ourselves. I’m sure I’ve got lots of false ones and would love to create new ones!
Thank you for the inspiration Leah :-)

I didn’t write this on my blog, but will share my secret with the Creative Every Day community. My latest painting was inspired by the story “The 12 Dancing Princesses.” There’s a point in the story where the girls would push a button on their bedpost and it would open a stairway to a magical world where they’d dance all night. My painting is a kind of gateway they found at the bottom of the stairs before entering the other world.

Hi All! I just uploaded photos taken of the stories in my house. I went room to room, consciously noticing the bazillions of books I own and noting what they mean to me, what I learned from them, why I keep them. It was a wonderful exercise. You can see my post at – just scroll down to the March 5th entry. Wishing you an inspired weekend!


I am really behind this week,my mom is in the hospital so I’ve been a little distracted.I have been thinking about all the stories my mom has told me over the years,she’s 85 so there has been alot of them.I wish I had her memory.sometimes I take for granted when she tells me about her life,this week I’m so thankful I am able to hear them.

This past week I taught a collage class to women in the sexual exploitation industry. Each piece they created told a unique story.

I’m always in for a good yarn around a fire. Stories are what keep us alive. I’ve been burning the midnight oil a bit lately to get a few stories out myself! SO I ended up making a lamp out of a lantern to economise on the oil ;-) Hmm – weird things happening in France at the moment. I’ll let you know more when I write the next post for my other blog LA Fontiane …it’s the story of a house in Provence…

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