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March 7th, 2010

Ah, a bit of travel is good for the soul. Something about being somewhere you've never been, can really wake up your senses. It was especially nice in a middle of a gray winter season. The hubster and I had never been to Arizona before and being surrounded by the beautiful mountains, creating shapes of camels, cathedrals, and arched cat backs was inspiring. Plus, oh, the sun. Yum.

The theme of stories was on my mind as I traveled, and so I was especially aware of the little snippets of stories overheard while we were out to dinner or passing people on walking trails or sitting at a basketball game. Some of these stories were funny, some made no sense as they were taken out of context, and some were intriguing. But it also made me think about all the stories a place holds...a hotel room (who has been here, what was their story?), a mountain trail (what animals and people have passed through here, what kind of stories are stored in this dirt, in these trees, in this stack of rocks?)

Stories can really bring a place to life. Cities seem to swim with them, which I've tried to capture in some of my city art. But quieter places hold them tight too. Have you noticed that some places just seem to be rich with tales, stories on the tips of the tongue, that would just come bursting out if we listened closely enough? 

While we were in the Phoenix area, we also had the opportunity to meet the super creative and cool, Miss Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio. So fun! It was a full trip with lots of adventures mixed with some beautiful relaxation. It was hard to leave!

It's good to be home, though. I missed our meows and our bed. And I was so happy to come home to spring-like weather (perhaps all that sun I stuck in my pockets traveled with me?) Thank you to the fabulous guest posters who helped fill in the gaps here last week. I loved reading their beautiful words and I hope you did too!

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Welcome home friend. So glad you had a nice trip. I loved your photo as it reminded me of a B&B we stayed at on one of our trips to Az. when our daughter lived in Scottsdale. And it reminded me of that “vacation story” with my poor husband hobbling around with a huge cast on his leg in 100 degree plus temperatures!!! Glad you are back and (hopefully) refreshed. xo M

I’m glad you had such a nice trip–I’m sure you’ve filled your well with lots of great stories and inspiration for your projects in the days and years to come. I love listening to the stories discovered in my travels, too. :)

How perfect that I just got home from Tucson tonight with so many stories waiting to be birthed… grateful with a buzzing head!

Beautiful photo. Inspiring :-) Glad you had a good trip.

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