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July 23rd, 2010

I've spent a lot more time outdoors in the mornings this summer as I've been jogging and it's just too hot to go later in the day. But no matter what time I'm out, I'm often using my iphone to snap little shots here and there of things that catch my eye. A gorgeous skyline, a fluffy pink flower, a path lines with eye-poppingly green ferns.

I think the summer heat sometimes makes you slow down and notice these beautiful little moments around you. What beautiful moments have caught your eye this month?

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your iphone takes amazing pictures! That flower is something my mother used to call a “smoke tree” – there was one on the way to my school and so I remember it fondly. =]

I agree Leah, it is a great time to be outside enjoying what summer has to offer! Check out the HUGE creepy crawlie I spied in the front lawn yesterday!

The pure “green” of the air and sights all around me. I actually stood outside today and said aloud, “I love summer in Michigan!”

That sky is gorgeous! Wow!

I am a voracious reader by nature, and summer is the perfect time to indulge my love of books.

I’m a regular visitor to the library. Yes, I’m a total geek, ’cause I love the library! I’m reading books on changing careers (I’m desperate to get out of nursing and make money being creative), various memoirs (I’m starting work on my own memoir), the process of creativity (Twyla Tharp rocks!), and poetry.

I have an Adirondack chair on my patio and have really taken to sitting outside and reading. My dogs join me out there and we all enjoy the sunny weather and cooling breezes. It reminds me of the summers of my childhood. I would run off somewhere private, like behind the house or under a tree, and read my favorite book.

Ah, there’s nothing like summer.

Yes, your iPhone does take amazing pics. I would run out & get one, if I could get it with Verizon service. Otherwise, it’s useless to me, since that the only cell signal that works where I live :-(

I would love to go along that path & see that sky during my evening runs!

Such lovely images–the colors are amazing! I love the smoke tree flower. I’ve been working on summer photos myself, trying to capture the essence of this season.

that skyline photo is gorgeous! i love spending time at the beach, listening to the ocean. those are my favorite summer moments.

What fabulous photos.

I love that you are taking photos while you run, I notice that when I take a pocket camera with me on a walk, it is so much more interesting because I’m actively looking for things to photograph. Lovely pics, Leah!

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