Nest: A Guest Post by Goddess Leonie

March 8th, 2011

This is a love letter.

To all those who are creating nests.

For babies. For projects. For wild, magical ideas. For life.

What is it to become a nest?

To grow a bird inside you, one that tweets and sings and rolls and dances.

The heartbeat that rolls like an ocean.

It is to know, in an instant, your life will change.

It will overcome you.

It will bring you to your knees.

And from there,

you will pray.

It is to give up yourself.

Give over yourself.

Let yourself swirl out into the sea of the unknown.

And slowly, find what it is

to be a wise, ancient turtle


It is to take comfort in the changing tides,

the sweep of your new ravishing beauty,

in the way not only your belly swells

but your soul opens and blooms.


It is to dream big dreams.

Clean and open and new.

It is to devote yourself wholly to a pure cause:

one that is love

and one that is light.

It is to walk deep into your own shadow

to find the shamaness there.

The courageous one

the brave one

the one with a full heart

and strong body

who knows where she must go.

It is to hold strength and vulnerability


in one fist.

To be a lioness

and to also know

that all around

there are a thousand angels

chanting your name.

It is to find within yourself

the kind of glow

you've only seen in others.

It is to see yourself

for the first time perhaps

as you truly are:

the most perfect of perfect

the most divine of divine.

This is what it is

what it takes

to build a nest

and become a nest

for all your dreams

all your visions

all you desire

and all you are brave enough to seek.

It is to arrive.

At the mountain top.

And to make the decision

to leap

off the edge

into the deep.

Because you know

that is where you belong.

And like an avalanche,

she arrives.

This image of perfection,

this dream you have dreamed,

she is now alive

and awake

and walking in this world.

Because of you.

You, the nest.

The one who allowed herself to be

and become.

It took courage.

And faith.

And love.

And heart.

But you did it.

You, lioness, mama,

the abalone shell which holds new life.

You are the creatrix.

You are rounded out

and softened now.

Interwoven with soft fur

and strands of golden hair

and flinging threads of magic.

You are the nest.

The one wide enough to hold the space for new things

to spark to life,

be nurtured,

be born,

and bloom.


Goddess Leonie is the creator of, a popular creativity + spirituality blog for women, and the upcoming Business Goddess course. She is also the nest of a thousand dreams come true, including her baby daughter Ostara.

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Thank you and enjoy that beautiful little one. Nothing compares to the space we make for new life, it’s the most magnificent creating we can do.

I LoVe this poat som much!! I have shared with some friends.
I so needed to read this today! Thank you Leah and Goddess Leonie! Congrats to you also!
light & love


Oh how absolutely gorgeous. Such wonderful, inspiring heartfelt words of wisdom. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Kat X

Beautiful, you and new baby. Congratulations. There is nothing more awesome then giving birth.

just beautiful! thank you for sharing!

Hi Leah,
Congratulations… gorgeous baby… being a Mum is the best thing in the world….

This is absolutely beautiful.

Since I am someone who will never have actual live children, I hope to give birth to create work that will live outlive me.

If I can write or sing one song that people remember and cherish for years and years to come, I will feel successful.

Sorry–I meant give birth to CREATIVE work. :)

Awww! That gave me goosebumps!

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