Winter Guest Post by Goddess Leonie

December 6th, 2011

How to stay connected to nature even when it's cold!

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

For me, a huge part of my creativity is feeling connected with gorgeous nature. Before I create I get my hands in the earth, my face in the breeze, I let my skin tingle with the love of the earth.

I call it sacred grounding.

What's so important about grounding?

Grounding helps us get out of our heads & into our spirit.

It helps our souls feel centered & at home.

It helps to invigorate & inspire our creative spirit.

And most of all - it gives us the energy to birth our creative dreams!

Grounding in Winter

What happens though when it gets ding dang cold?

How can we stay connected to Mama Earth when it's freezing, and possibly even covered with the glorious white stuff?

A moment to acknowledge the purdy photo at the top of this post. I took this photo of my hunky-Wise Man-love a few years ago when it snowed here in Australia. It doesn’t snow here, so when it did have a freak burst last winter, we jumped in our jeep and headed for the mountains to play. We were standing in the snow just listening to the sound of quiet, to the sound of snowflakes rustling through the air. This photo was taken when I headed back for the car. I turned back to see my beautiful man, soaking in the moment, connecting with the earth. To me, this symbolises how to ground even when it’s white and cold – with arms wide open, embracing this whole gorgeous world.

How to Ground: Get outside

When I talk about grounding, I usually advise goddesses to get their band hands & feet on the ground.

To ground – you don’t NEED to have bare feet. If it’s warm enough, it’s delicious and gives you the extra joy of grass tickling your soles. But if it’s not – still take the time to go outside, and take some deep breaths outside.

The earth is a source of completely healing and rejuvenation for us. Try it out.

Go outside, look outside, look at the earth, look at the sky and take ten deep breaths.

Visualise yourself grounded.

When you *visualise* something, you enact the same neurological responses as you would if you were *experiencing* it. Visualisation can work so powerfully in grounding. In larger women’s circles, we often use a grounding visualisation inside instead of having the whole circle troop outside to do it.

So, either sit down or stand with your legs apart. Take deep breaths down into your core, right down into your belly. Visualise yourself as a tree – your branches reaching into the sky, legs growing like roots into the Earth. Feel yourself deeply connected into the soil and earth. See yourself as a strong oak tree – the perfect balance between sky and earth. With this image in mind, take three deep breaths in and out through your core – visualising that you are inhaling and exhaling through your solar plexus. On your last exhale, exhale with a noise… like an “aaaaaaaaaaaaah.”

Use a Tree.

You can also use actual trees to connect and ground because their roots go through the snow right into the earth. They are the perfect symbol of groundedness!

Is there a park you can go to that would give you a little bit of quiet space to connect with a tree? Even if you could pop down a plastic picnic mat and sit with your back against the tree for a few minutes, you can pick up on the energy, groundedness and strength behind you.

Different trees have different energies and medicines. There are a couple of great books that give the meanings and energies of trees – but as always, the knowledge, wisdom and intuition is right inside you. Give it a go. Listen. Feel. Experience. Trust. This is second nature to you.

Let the beauty of the world intoxicate you

There is so much gorgeous beauty in this world. Nature can be our biggest healer & muse when we let her in!

Get grounded! Make art!

Do let us know how you go! I’d love to hear your experiences and soul stories!

How do you stay grounded to mama earth even when she's covered in cold?

wild joyful love,

Goddess Leonie is the creator of the Goddess Circle an online creativity & spirituality world for goddesses. She blogs from a tree (or her turquoise gypsy caravan) & makes miracles happen. She lives in tropical paradise in Australia with her hunky love & their owl baby daughter Ostara. You can find her at She's just released her uber popular 2012: Creating your Goddess Year workbook & planner too!

5 Responses

Such a lovely post and reminder!

There is a beautiful birch tree at my bus stop for work. Each weekday morning I wish it a (silent) good morning, touch my hand to its bark, stand next to it with my feel firmly planted, and ground myself for the upcoming day.

Perhaps similar rituals might be a good idea for other times and places as well….

It’s not snowing here, but it is cold! I could use some grounding today. I’m going to do the above before I walk into a big meeting today!

Oh Leonie, that photo of your Mr. Hunky is just amazing-I got shivers seeing it (and not just ’cause of the snow!. As always, you have shared such a simple, lovely way to stay connected to the miracle of nature which surrounds us, grounds us, strengthen & adores us, and fills us with pure joy and contentment! I HAVE to get outside as often as possible, even when it is “ding dang cold”, or I just feel sooo down & out-of-sorts! I think I will go hug one of the many wise old trees in our woods right now, and tell him “Leonie sent me”! :) ~xo~

Thank you for your post. I have been trying to reclaim my joy and cheer for this time of year. For the past 8 years I have lost the excitement of this time of year for various reasons. However, this year I am determined to get back the ‘J’ in joy and make this time of year one of reflection, hearth and home and renewal. Thank you for your suggestions on how to ‘ground’ myself for this process. Cheers.

Thanks for these inspiring words!

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