Day 6: Persphone in Autumn

November 6th, 2012

Today, I was inspired to paint an image of Persephone. I started with a collage base on 6"x6" board, then painted on top of it, not knowing exactly the direction it would take. As it developed I liked how an older woman in the collage appears in her face. I imagine that she is Persephone's mother, Demeter, in her thoughts.

Following the lead of the colors that developed, I see this as an image of Persephone in Autumn, before she enters the underworld/winter until she returns in Spring.

If you live in the U.S., get out and vote!

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Fantastic piece – very moody and you’re right, the face in the collage is perfect. I love this story – it is such a mother’s story of love and fierce determination – I always identify with Demeter.

Very beautiful. I love the face in the collage.

she is beautifully elegant

This is gorgeous, Leah. Now I want to try painting on one of my collages… I always feel more daring during November. You are so inspiring!

And yes, I am voting after I turn in my most recent work at OUR version of BC, Bakersfield College. LOL. I have a very very part time job there… can’t let it pile up!

I do like the shadow of the face in the top of this… it is looking full of atmosphere and all those layers are adding huge textures and interest… this is lovely…xx

Gorgeous piece! xx

Ooooohhhh! Beautiful! Love the layers and the concept. Gorgeous face.

I really like this, Leah–she’s beautiful. I’m especially intrigued because I have “paint a face” on my AEDM to-do list this year. Haven’t gotten up the nerve to try yet, so this is inspiring :)

She’s beautiful Leah. I really love the the face in her head :)

Wow, love this multilayered work. Deep eyes and deep look, as if saying how she knows. An wise saring woman. Love it.

This is amazing. I can’t believe you made this in one day. What a gorgeous addition to Day 6.

Now that my vote has been cast, I’m visiting blogs and listening to the poll results.

While I am not often one to like the warm fall colors, this one speaks to me. I love the show through of the collage underneath.
I voted and thank you encouraging the vote as well.

Yes, Leah, I like the way the collage lady shows up in Persephone’s face. Love the layered effect – beautiful face!

Haunting and beautiful.

Leah – Persphone is beautiful, her hair reminds me of my daughter :-) And I love all the layering that helps to add an inspirational dimension reminiscent of dreams, myths and fantasy.

I’ve not posted as often as I’d have liked but am trying to create daily within what is a busy old month for me.

Hope all well with you.
Kat Xx

This is a wonderful page!

Beautiful and I love the story of Persephone and Demeter.

Amazing – LOVE the little face peeping out!!

Lovely painting Leah! I see such emotion in her eyes.

Gorgeous layering in this one Leah – and I especially love that face of her mother inside :)

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