Day 12

November 12th, 2017

Happy day 12 of Art Every Day Month! 

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A few days ago, someone here asked for a way to contact AEDM participant TKP. You can find an email address for her by doing a web search for her name and checking the search result that refers to an organization with the initials CCAA. I hope this comment reaches the person who asked, without tipping off any spam-bots! I tried to comment at the asker’s blog, but couldn’t do it under my preferred identity.

Thanks Light of Summer. You are also another person I can’t contact because your comments want me to join some group. Seems odd, since I know I contacted you and left messages last year. I hope you get this, too.

Getting to the end of the Zombie spreads. I have to think of a holiday related idea now.

I’m having trouble leaving James a comment. It says Blogger is broken, but I don’t seem to have any trouble with other blogs.

James, if you read this, this is the comment I tried to leave you:

“You have been on a roll today. These are wonderful. I especially like the middle one in the second row from the top.”

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