May 2018 Check-In Post

May 1st, 2018

Happy May, everyone! Here's your May 2018 check-in post. The (totally optional) theme of the month is Persistence. This week is my daughter's 7th birthday. She continually teaches me about persisting at things. I love how hard she works at a goal (like perfecting a headstand or writing a story) when she sets her mind to it. I'm in the midst of working on a dream of mine, to write and illustrate children's books and I'm trying to keep up that persistence as I write and revise and write and revise. Good luck with whatever you are working and persisting at this month! 

Sign up for the 2018 Creative Every Day Challenge is here. You can sign up anytime during the year.

Leave a link to your April creativity below and/or leave a comment about what you're up to! 

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