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October 14th, 2019

Art Every Day Month is once again right around the corner! This will be the 18th year I have been creating daily for the month of November and inviting others to join in. Art Every Day Month (AEDM) is a low pressure challenge for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to create daily for a month. Low pressure means if you miss a day, brush yourself off, and get back to it. No worries. By art, I'm talking a broad view. You could be cooking, taking pictures, dancing, writing music, crafting for the holidays, painting, sculpting, writing poetry, making jewelry, sewing, knitting, art journaling, you name it. You could decide to do a small 2"x2" drawing each day, work each day on one big project, or you could do something different every day. Up to you! I tend to do more drawing and painting because that's what I like, but you can follow your heart. Take some time this month to think about what you might like to work on or just show up and create!

If you're on Facebook, join the Facebook group where you can share your creations as well. If you're on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you can use the hashtag #arteverydaymonth2020. I'll also have a daily post here starting November 1st, where you can share links to creations you've made. 

Read more about the challenge here and then sign up below by leaving a comment. If you have a blog, website, flickr page, or instagram handle where you'll be sharing, share that below in the Mr. Linky form. If you aren't sharing your work online, then just leave a comment on this blog post saying that you're participating. 

The challenge begins November 1st! 

47 Responses

I’m in!

I will be joining again and sharing on instagram

I hope to join in too – my first time.

I’m joining!

How on earth is this my 8th year! :o


I am joining again. Thanks!

I’m in

I will be participating.

I’m in!

I will be joining and sharing work in the Facebook group!

I’m in

I’m joining!

I´m back! :) Don´t know what I´ll do, but I´m back. :D

Hi! I am looking forward to participating in this. It’s my first time :)

I will be attempting this whole art everyday thing!

I’m excited for November and making art every day!

I need this. I’m in.

Woohoo! It’s that time of year again and I’m excited to see everyone’s creations and to be delighted with what shows up coming forth from my inspirations.
Welcome to all of the first-timers!!

Couldn’t figure how to sign up with the @#39; business but I’m in!

Looking forward to this event!

Looking forward to this month of making

Really looking forward to being part of this-need some (fun and gentle) art discipline back in my life.

Gonna use my Insta acct to do this year’s AEDM, so put that link in the URL Mr. Linky above — hope that’s okay. Thank you again, Leah, for hosting all of us!

Looking forward to a consistent month of studio time!

I’m in for the challenge!

Going to give it a try. Need the nudge.

Can’t promise to manage every day (or to comment on every blog) but will certainly take part some days…I thoroughly enjoyed last year. I’m thinking of making it a month of thankfulness again :-)
Thank you…this is a great way to encourage us all.
Cath x

Like last year I too found AEDM revitalising helping to carry on creatively in this busy world. Look forward to catching as many as I can to kick start my own creative drive.
Hope to catch as many creatives as I can.
Many Thanks for hosting again Leah.
Tracey x

I’m in, off to create!

I am ready to go again…………been participating for several years………….

My first year to see this. I shall post at Instagram.

I’m in! I’ll be posting on Facebook.

Finished # Inktober2019, want to keep my momentum going!

I’m (just in time) in :)


I’m a newbie

Looking forward to my first time participating!

I’m in! Posting on Facebook for now.

I’m in!

I’m in for my third year – drawing animals and sharing in my instagram account

Very excited about this! Yay!

I’ll post on Instagram

please join me.

Pls count me in. Thanks.

i am petartistchicago on IG.

Nancy Gordon
Pet & Animal Art
Mixed Media Collage

whoops – I just signed in again. wrong page. sorry!

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