February 22nd, 2007

Hello, all. I've been waiting to feel a bit better before I post, but the fog isn't lifting and I'm in a serious funk. It's been a busy week too; the fiansor slipped and fell on the ice which led to emergency room visits, orhthopedic doctors and mri's, but he seems to be recovering well, which I'm very grateful for. I've been doing my morning pages everyday and I took my walk yesterday, which was certainly good for the soul. Yet, I'm all teary and feel like mud. Seriously blargy. I've made a bit of art this week and I'll post that sometime soon. So, yeah, just checking in. Toodaloo for now.

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I’m getting a little bit concerned about all the water people are finding – ice being a particularly hard option! I wonder if we need to emphasize to ourselves the metaphorical nature of it…

Take care. Love and really best wishes!

Sorry to hear about all the rough stuff — I hope you and the fiansor feel better soon.

I’m hoping to get my walk in tomorrow, I’ll be sure to avoid the seafront…I could be swept away!

Feel better soon. :)

I think we’re in the same funk…toodles to you, too.

oh, leah, i understand the “blahs” too well. take care of yourself through them…and in the meantime, i’ll send you a few gentle thoughts.

Hope you and the fiansor are both feeling better soon. (((HUGS)))

I’m so happy you’re doing the morning pages! What an adventure. I’ve been doing them too -every morning without fail. I’m working the Artist’s right now though, not Finding water -but still it’s nice to find some people to commiserate about the morning pages with.

Keep your chin up. Work the affirmations.


Oh, my! What a worry on top of feeling blah. I hope you and the fiancor feel much better soon! Thinking of you both.

So sorry you’ve had a rough week, too, Leah. Hope the fiansor os fully recovered now. Bless you for being there for me. A corner turned now, for the pair of us, I hope!
Much Love & Hugs, Suze xXx

I hope your honey is feeling much better by now. Falling on ice is yuckky.
Take care- hugs to both of you

Oh, gosh, hope he’s okay.

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