April 17th, 2007

"...the world is absurd and beautiful and small." -Ani Difranco

All this gloomy weather has me feeling quiet. I'm feeling sadness over what has happened at Virginia Tech, and for my dear friend Kathryn who lost her kitty, Sophie so unexpectedly. A lot of friends have lost pets lately and my heart breaks for them.

Some art is in the works, visions of whales and doors and the sea at night.

Chritine Kane has a great post on jealousy today. I used to be more embarrassed about feeling jealous. I'd hide it not so well with snippy comments or just making myself feel awful. It's not an emotion I feel often nowadays, but I do have it sometimes. Lately, I've felt some jealousy around other artists who I see as more successful. It's funny, I seem to be equating being published as success at the moment. Usually, I just notice that I'm feeling that way and then go back to work. Speaking of which, back to work for me.

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I’d like to believe I’m not a jealous person but it’s a crock. Lately I’ve been jealous of friendships that I’m not a part of. It’s my own crap. I used to throw those people under the bus, trying to justify why I wouldn’t want to be friends with them ‘anyway’ but you know what? That’s a load of crap as well. Because honestly, I’d LOVE to be included and that’s what it is, my feelings being hurt. I start feeling like I did when I was a kid and not included – I can recognize this and I’ve come to not throw those people under the bus anymore. I realize that I’m a good friend and someone that these people would like if given the chance. If it can’t be recognized than I really should like myself better and know the friends I do have count a lot more than the friends I could have.

Thank you for your TLC, sweetie. It means a great deal coming from such a cat person. xoxoxo

This week has been hard, I agree. Thank you for directing me to the jealousy post. It is a hard emotion to deal with.

Yuck, it’s been a hard couple of days. I feel down too, but I love visiting sites like yours. You’re “Catching Stars” piece is something that made me ponder and smile.
Hope your week gets better.

I just started reading Christine’s blog and really enjoy it. Her thoughts on jealousy and envy yesterday were very good. I thought it was cool that she included ‘be creative’ as an antidote for negativity, jealousy, etc. She’s so right, of course. Being productive and creative take our thoughts to totally different and more positive places.

Thanks for admitting what makes you jealous, Leah. I realize I get jealous when I feel like things are easy for other people, while I work my *ss off and feel like I’m not getting anywhere. Of course, I *am* getting somewhere, even if it’s not as quickly as I’d like, but it can appear like other people skip along and all the right doors just open for them (like book contracts falling in their lap, etc.). I know it’s not really that simple, of course, but I start to feel like I must be doing something wrong if it’s not just magically falling in my lap too.

Okay, I’d better go create now … ;-)

My heart goes out to those who have lost their pets recently. I can’t imagine.

I can’t wait to see more of your creations. :)

I have just come across your blog and find your art beautiful!!! You are so talented, I am allowing myself to be jealous ;)

I can get to Christine through your link. =] You made my day.
whales and doors and the sea at night – I can’t wait to see what you are doing. Just the words all by themselves are a beautiful, evocative poem. I could sit and feel them for the rest of the day.

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