April 18th, 2007

I pay attention to messages, visual, numerical and otherwise. When I start seeing a lot of the same thing I will wonder on it. Sometimes I'll look up what that thing/animal/number means in other cultures. Like when I started seeing crows everywhere, I looked them up and found they're an omen of change, which made sense. Tammigirl recently wrote about the meanings behind the numbers I see all over the place in various combos (7 and 17): 7: You're on the right path, keep up the good work. 17: You have good reason to be optimistic about your plans and path, this number is also representative of the holy trinity and the pyramids. Woo! That is crazy cool!

Sometimes images pop into my head too. I don't think of them as visions, really. I let them float by and then think on them later. I went to a reiki share with some of my former massage classmates over the weekend. I was anxious at being around people in a group. I don't know why I get so anxious, but I went and it was fine. When doing reiki on other people and when receiving reiki, I sometimes get little images floating through my consciousness. When I was giving reiki on one person, I had the image of a pink lotus flower float into my mind. I didn't mention it to him, but shortly after, his girlfriend showed me her new business card and it had a pink lotus flower on it. On the way home I remembered that Mindy's new Wish Studio (who I may be doing some exciting work with this summer!) also has a pink lotus flower as the main image for the business. I laughed and thought, there it is again! Bee, who has just been through an awful ordeal, mentioned how lotus flowers grow out of the mud in her last post (she also has a pretty pink lotus flower in her banner) and Bohemian Mom's Finding Water check-in was up on bloglines again last night with an image of a lotus flower at the top and the words: "As the lotus flower grows up from the mud, into an object of great beauty, people also grow and change into something more beautiful." So the symbol represents the struggle of life at its most basic form." And then later, I realized...hey, wait a minute there's a big pink lotus flower on my own page as the button for the Finding Water group. Duh! lol...That made me laugh. Guess I ought to be paying a bit more attention to the lotus flowers, eh?

One of the images I had when receiving reiki was of a bird flying up from my solar plexus to my head with a message. In my head there was a mailbox there to receive the message. So, last night, I sat down to play with this ink tree that I had drawn on Friday and its intended purpose was tossed, so I went back to it to just play and this is what came out, "The Message." It's about 4.5"x 13.5" with ink and colored pencil.

The whale images that want to come out will have to wait, as I have some work to do today and I got a super duper late start. Erg. I needed the sleep though.

I cried when I read Mary Ann's post about the loss of her kitty, Bailey. She wrote the sweetest tribute to her. It made me hug all my meows extra tight today.

Geez, I hope the sun comes out soon! I need some light, please.

Today I'm grateful for: natural peanut butter on wheat toast, waking up covered in kitties, singing in the shower, watching the clown fish dance in the sea anemone, sweet kisses from the fiansor, art, my health, and love, sweet love.

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I love your grateful list.
I used to write 6 ‘gratefuls’ down everyday.
I need to get back into the habit.
Thanks for the reminder.

Beautiful work, as always! I saw my first bluebird this morning – warmed me heart!

What do you think about Traeger Massage? I haven’t had it done in a while, but it’s pretty cool. My new massage therapist doesn’t do this method, but she’s awesome!


i love peanut butter, and kitties, and clown fish. NEMO!

you are a wonder…i love coming here to see what you’re up to…

Wow! I love the drawing above! Beautiful work!

I need to start paying more attention to repetition and synochricities in my life too. You have inspired me!

what a wonderful post, leah. and i love the way that you are able to capture those images that float around inside of you. i often try to do the same. last night it led to an interesting conversation about how many internal things we pay attention to. it is so different for everyone. you are definately more aware of your thoughts than most. and you know what? i love that about you.

Lovely drawing, Leah – and thanks for my own synchronicity – the clownfish and anemones of all things – I’ve been trying a visualization (for breathing) suggested in “Imagery for Getting Well” that involves anemones and clownfish! Guess that’s my reminder to do that as I go to bed – thanks for the reminder :)

Our styles are so similar. I draw a lot of trees like the one in this work you did. Great job. I really like the mailbox on the far side of the piece. I like how my eyes had to work their way from the tree to the mailbox, like watching the message float from the girl to the box and the box to the girl.

The sixteen petal lotus has me thinking. There is some major significance here and I can’t put my finger on it. I am going to do some research for you because, really, I think it’s big. I love looking up the symbols in my life, the synchronicities etc. keep me always watching.

Love your blog, girl.

I loved this post and your last on Jealousy; Great link. I liked the way she gave those 12 steps.

Are you going to the opening of the Wish Studio? I will be there. I would love to see you.

My mantra is Om Mani Padmi Hum…I think it means beauty is in the lotus flower…something like that…about a lotus. I love the lotus image and think of it often.


I’m so loving your artwork these days Leah. I am a big believer in signs – the reason I’m in my current office space is because of signs and I’ve been so happy there.

Oh lots in this post to comment on but I’ve run out of time so I’ll just nudge you to see what I made on Saturday:


What a wonderful drawing, I love it, such flowing forms and pretty colours and the little bluebird, just gorgeous.

This post is fascinating. I think the Buddha is trying to tell you something???
And I love the kitty drawing. Looks just like my big fat cat Harlem.

Speaking of signs… I dreamed last night I owned (and was driving) a lime green VW bug. In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen 3 of them in my town (and this isn’t a huge place). I laughingly told J that I think one’s in my future. ;)

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