Spring Thaw

April 6th, 2007

Blah, blah, blarg. Feeling a bit blargy the past couple days. Stopping in to say, hey, I made art! I'm working on another piece too, but it's not done yet. This one was inspired by a doodle I did yesterday. I drew it a bit bigger on a sheet of watercolor paper and painted it with acylics. I'm calling it "Spring Thaw." It certainly doesn't feel like spring in New England, but hopefully soon.

Today was a good example of how your mood really doesn't matter. At the very least, I feel a sense of accomplishment for creating. I have been feeling inspired, just a little quiet and slow. Happy week of Easter and Passover to those celebrating those holidays. Hope your weekend is a lovely one!

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This is gorgeous. I love orange and I also love the circles dripping down. So pretty!!

Beautiful Art, Leah. Truly lovely :) I hope your mood improves with the weather, and that you have a sun-filled Easter break. Hugs, Suze xXx

I lOVE your work, Leah. This one is lovely … one fine day, I will be including your work in my home. I thought Spring had arrived, but I just awoke to heaps of snow.

Happy Weekend Leah!

And hope the blargies slip away.

Glad you got creative anyway.

(And I hope this comment takes – the last one slipped away into nothingness… when I didn’t get the sfdkhkdsfjh right.)

It doesn’t feel very springy here in Indiana either… but the warm sunshine in your picture helped warm me up! :o ) Thanks.

This is beautiful and I love the soft palette you chose. Very evocative of spring, and gentle, earthly stirrings.

I like this! Yes, hopefully soon, eh? We have snow again here. Sigh.

I love that you have embodied the winter-season in the woman’s color. I wonder what she’ll look like once she’s changed out of her winter-self and into her spring attire. Its a great piece.

This is beautiful; I love the colours and the patterns, the delicate painting and the flow … all of it.
My day started with me listing my moans to an enquiring husband (bless him), and with lots of Blah, blah blarg on the end of each too. No creating for me but finally a spot of gardening. Hurray!

Don’t fret, sunny, happy days are on their way soon. :-) Lizzi

Hi Leah :)
This painting is absolutely perfect and BEAUTIFUL! The ray of sun seems to be filled with playful and promising droplets of rain and there’s the pretty birdie perched on her knee in such glee . . .and yet . . .she seems to not notice the gift of a bluebird which can symbolize to lighten-up. The bluebird can also bring gentleness and its song brings joy :)

May you seek all those good things to get through the icky things :)

Hugs :) ))

Have I ever mentioned how much I love your artwork? Well, just in case: I love your artwork!

Absolutely beautiful. And congratulations for sitting down to create in the midst of the blargh and affirming for all of us that is possible :)

A wonderful title for a brilliant piece of art. Hope you are thawing out inside as well as in your external world.

I love to see your art Leah, it’s brilliant. I particularly like the way you draw figures…don’t ask me why, I just do ok? I really like the little bird on her knee in this one.

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