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April 11th, 2007

Gar, gar, Gargamel!  All this trial and error stuff is hard! I'm designing my new website and although I have a small amount of knowledge in photoshop and dreamweaver, I'm trying to learn how to use css style sheets and my head is about to explode. I will get it. I will. It's just taking way longer than I would like.

I had to spend yesterday banning myself from blogging, so that I could focus on this website stuff, so I've been around checking in with y'all today, but not a lot of time to comment. I'm with you in spirit!

Yesterday, I received emails from Tinker and Kathryn saying they had nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. I'm so honored that they would think of me. Hah, no pun intended. And I've been asked to nominate 5 others. This is nearly impossible. I mean, have you seen the list of blogs that I read? And it's not even complete, there are others I read on bloglines that I haven't gotten around to adding to this list yet that I read daily. Yep, and they all inspire me, they all make me think or I wouldn't read them. So, what to do. Well, the one cool thing about this meme is that if you check with Technorati to see who has linked back to the original post, you can find who other people have nominated and why and perhaps find some cool blogs that you might not have known about otherwise! And perhaps among my list of 5 you will find some new reads to inspire you and make you think. Ah, since I was tagged twice, how bout I do ten? Ok, here are 10 of the many blogs that have made me think:

LunarMusings: This beautiful woman is traveling in India at the moment. I very recently came upon her blog and was struck by her insightful words and stunning images. As a moon girl, I just love her ponderings on the full moons and their meanings.

Zena Musings: Have you seen the gorgeous candles that Carla makes? They're awesome. I own a collection of them. Heh. I'm so inspired by her raw writing and her courage. I am also inspired by the way she runs her business. Brava!

California Fever: I've been reading Marilyn's words since nearly the beginning of my blogging journey. She is a fantabulous woman who is so full of life, kindness, creativity and energy. She is always stretching herself and I love that. I look up to her and cheer her on as she embraces her creative self.

Be Alive Believe Be You: Melba is a creative soul with big dreams. She inspires me because she is going after her dreams full steam ahead and she's doing it with 2 little kids. I'm in awe of her perseverance, her courage, and her energy. Plus I love the way she posts with pages of her journals!

Winding Road: I was lucky enough to witness Maria follow a dream and follow her heart as she started her jewelry business. It has been a joy to read about. Maria has a wonderful eye, a beautiful heart, and she writes with soul. She's been posting a photo everyday (and her photos are gorgeous!) this year and I've been so glad because it has meant she's been posting so much more! :-)

You May Say I'm a Dreamer: Eileen is fairly new to me, having met her through Finding Water. I'm inspired by her story, her courage in writing about her own recovery, and her wonderful artwork.

Kikipotomus: Kelly is an amazingly talented writer. She makes me laugh and makes me think, a great combo. I enjoy her stories and her writing style.

37 Days
: What can I say about Patti's blog. Her posts never fail to make me think, ponder, question, and think some more. If you haven't found her yet, go check her out immediately.

Diary of a Self-Portrait: I feel so fortunate to have met Jessie. She is uber talented in so many ways and she has a heart of gold. Truly. I just want to squeeze her.

Literary Bohemia
: I'm inspired by anyone fending off their inner critic and following their dreams. She's doing just that. Rock on Girly!

Geez , that was hard. Seriously, I have so many more people I want to acknowledge for their resilience and creativity and inspiration and joy and on and on and on. Needless to say, if I visit you, you inspire me, you make me think.

Ok, back to work for me!

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You are very sweet. Some of my faves are on your list…and can’t wait to check out the others! Guess now I need to do a list, too. :)

You are taking on a lot with all that website stuff – I hope you find it all gets easier soon. And wow – so many blogs to investigate – thank you!

Ta da! One good turn deserves another. Consider yourself nominated for a third time. Whadya think of that?! tee.hee

Congrats on your nomination! :)

I love new blog suggestions and loved checking out the ones you posted here. Great selections. Very thoughtful indeed. I also agree with the thoughts that yours is a thinking blog. I love coming here even though I’m very new to it.

I listed a group of thinking blogs not long ago. You might enjoy checking them out as well:

It only makes sense to me that you are considered a Thinking Blogger – as that’s exactly what you are to me too.
Thanks for the nod in my direction as well – I’ve also been told that I’ve “been through a lot.” It’s nice to see someone else recognize that as resilience. :-)

Yes….I love finding amazing blogs by following a link off a link off a link, etc.

My curly willow branches? Thanks for asking…I put them in a regular plant pot, with potting soil/dirt to give it that “realistic” tree look. Also it holds the branches in place perfectly.
My friend however, just fills the pot with assorted rocks & stones we find on nature walks.

Thank you, Leah – such an honor! You have nominated some that I am inclined to nominate myself. Ah, great minds! Jessie does have a heart of gold. How fun would it be to hang out with her in the flower shop and drink coffee? And Carla’s candles ROCK! I can’t wait for her to make her move and set up her online shop again. Orders to place!
And mondo congratulations to you on being nominated not once, but twice!
I love your website, by the way, you creative wonder!

Oh great … now I’ll have to give up the few measly hours of sleep I do get so I can keep up with all these great blogs! :-) Quite a few new ones I didn’t know about, and a few favorites.

Thank you darling! You made my day.

Oh – like I need yet more blogs to read. Thanks a lot. Really. (in fact, I already wandered off and read some and you’re right, they’re really good. Eileen is local to me – don’t you love her art?!)

dearest leah, THANK YOU for including me in this really fabulous list!! :) you are a sweetheart and i just want you to know that your blog has inspired me on a deep level ever since i started reading it nearly a year and half ago. do you want to know why i love your blog? because it is sincere, contemplative, and so incredibly expressive. i am amazed at your ability to consistently create such stunning and symbolically powerful artwork. you teach me how to paint from the heart. and congratulations of being awarded a thinking award yourself (twice!). :) you certainly deserve it.

love you!

It couldn’t happen twice to a better blogger! Congratulations twice!!
Thanks for giving us all these lovely new links – now to find the time to visit them all…

Congratulations on your award!!!!
I am so excited to check out the blogs that you nominated!

oh this is so wonderful – now to check them out


xox – eb.

what a warm, generous, wonderful thing to say about 37days – many, many thanks!

Your resources are amazing and you’ve posted some wonderful finds. I wish you’d participate in blogtipping (just seach blogtipping on technoratti or google for more on that) on the first of every month, as you have some wonderful things to share.

Another great thing to do would be to add them to http// to give them some buzz in the bloggosphere maybe!

I’ll try to visit and leave a comment on each of these referrals you’ve made and also read more of your entries while I’m at it. Good stuff -mThanks for sharing!

What a great list of blogs. I have bookmarked your page for further reading enjoyment.

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