Wind in Her Hair

June 28th, 2007

I woke up in such a funk this morning. Over-heated, blah, feeling sad for no apparent reason. I sat in this funk for awhile, but knew that I needed to move on and although it's tough to start, the best thing for a funk is to get to work. So, I set up at the kitchen table (I like to work in a different place everyday it seems and I don't think I've ever painted in the kitchen) surrounded myself with supplies and got to work. I had prepped a wood board with gesso earlier in the week and I'd also made a sketch on a scrap of paper next to the bed when I had an image of a woman with butterflies in her hair and words and other things, sort of like a tangle of thoughts caught in her hair which you can see when the wind blows. I sketched it out on the board and then thought for awhile about how I wanted to bring her to life. I pulled out some of the 195o's magazines I got in Seattle, some old sheet music, and some packing tape and made some quick transfers. I played around with the images I chose, I particularly loved the chair and the fish. Then I cut butterflies out of random patterns in an Oprah magazine and saved those for later. I started arranging the tape transfers on the board, glued them down and then started to paint, later collaging in the butterflies. I like how she came out, very summery and soft. I'll have her up in my store tonight or tomorrow. I thought I'd try and make it out to Mindy's Creative night (such a cool idea!), but I've got a migraine brewing and need to chill in the dark for a bit.

"Wind in Her Hair" is 8"x8" with mixed media on cradled wood board. I've still got lotus imagery in my head, so when I found a lotus image in one of the 1950's magazines I put it in her body. I was happy to have found the image, especially after seeing the most gorgeous jewelry today, one piece of which incorporates a lotus flower.


Oh, I love it. It's by Erin Dolman, who I found through Ullabenulla.

Other things I'm lovin today: wearing my hair in pig tails, taking a cold shower, "half baked" frozen yogurt by Ben & Jerry's, little sun dress from Old Navy, re-reading the 5th Harry Potter book before the movie comes out on the 11th, air conditioning in the bedroom.

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i love this image! i know that i say that about everything you do, so i hope that doesn’t take away from my comments…i love your work so much, and i am looking forward to spending some money in your shop soon. :)

sorry to hear about the migraine, but i think the half-baked should do the trick! (it’s my favorite too!!!)

Half Baked Frozen yogurt is my FAVORITE!!!!
And yes, A/C is needed for a peaceful nights sleep.
Love the new artwork Leah and I really hope your migraine goes away soon.
Thinking of you.

I hope the wind blows away the migraine – the wind is a synchronicity for me – I was just searching to find the name of the god of the west wind – Zephyr!

I thought you might like to see this too:
Its a paper doll made out of butterfly paper that I did whilst waiting for lunch in a cafe a couple of days ago.

Your liking to work in different places might made having a studio a waste of space – I’m sending west wind kisses to soothe you!

Must be the full moon. I officially blame the moon. It pulls the tides and my heart in a direction of overthought and sadness.

That and there was a cockroach in my shower this morning.

She’s beautiful, Leah! I’ve been having computer connection problems, and seem to only get around to a couple of blogs at a time – but it’s wonderful to catch up and see all of the artwork at once like this, too.

Hope that migraine is ‘gone with the wind’ soon!

love the idea behind this artwork, and enjoy hearing about how you go about creating it…and well, I love the art..

I was searching with Google for mixed media classes in the phoenix area and saw on the sponsored sites was Leah Piken and
how cool! hope it is going well for you.

that is a very pretty necklace…

Oh my gosh! I LOVE Half Baked from B&J! Mmmmmmm…. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

i LOVE wind in her hair!

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