August 3rd, 2007

Edited: Ok, I can't find a way to password protect individual posts with typepad, so in the meantime, I've deleted the post that was here and I'll repost if I can find a good way to do so. You can always ask me if you missed it.

I've had someone else contact me wanting to see my art in person before they make a purchase. And of course I would always do something like this safely, but now I'm especially suspicious/nervous, which sucks.

I am feeling loads better today even though I was woken up at the crack of dawn by a large banging noise directly outside my second story window followed by seeing someone climb a ladder past my window and start scraping loudly outside my bedroom walls. The landlord is having the house scraped for painting, which is great because it really needs it, but boy oh boy was it not a nice way to wake up on a Saturday morning when I was all cozy and sound asleep. So, I was up and puttered around and when they moved to another part of the house, I went back in for a nice nap. And later I got up and made some super playful art while listening to this cool podcast on the Creative Thursday blog, all about color. I love listening to podcasts while I work. When this podcast ended I put on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" which I highly recommend.

So, I've got some art to share, something I finished last week and something I played with today and hopefully I'll get that up here this afternoon. Toodaloo for now!

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Ohhh…how disturbing. Creepy guy needs to get some mental stability.
I put a warning awhile back on my blog…you can do a google search and put in someone’s phone number, and it immediately gives you their addresss.
Then, with a click of the mouse, mapquest will give you directions right to their door!
Take care and be safe. Creepy guy needs to be told to back off!

With the Google search, if your information comes up you may request it be removed. There’s a link under the listing.

It *is* creepy that this guy found you and knows so much. Be sure if he calls again and you happen to answer that you document the date and time. Also, clearly and firmly tell him never to contact you or your family in any way ever again. Then just hang up and never respond to him in any way.

Actually, if it’s possible to password protect this and any other posts you write about him, I advise it. If he found you on the web he can find this blog. If he’s the type to find gratification in attention, reading about himself will only fuel him. So if you can’t protect the post, you might consider deleting it. Which sucks, because writing is a way of coping.

Anyone who stalks another person is NOT harmless. The act of stalking is a type of harm. I’m not saying he’ll do anything more direct or terrible, but don’t default to giving him the benefit of the doubt. He’s doing wrong — he just hasn’t done anything yet the police can pursue.

Hugs to you.

Gosh Leah, I am so sorry to hear that you had to experience this. It sounds like you did all that you could do and just try your best to focus on all the positive in your life right now while staying vigilant.
My thoughts are with you and your sister.
Hang in there.

Hey Girl,
always listen to the gut and never ever be unsure if it is or not. Go on that it is something to be concerd about and be aware. If fell for you as you related about the phone call when you were younger. Same thing happened to me.


Hey girl – stalkers are not to be taken lightly! functioning disturbed people can be dangerous disturbed people. I would password protect your blog for now – especially since now he knows he creeps you out. I hope he leaves you all alone. Not fun. :( Sorry you have to deal with this!

Thanks for the support and the advice, ladies. I appreciate it. I do need to follow my gut. Fortunately, my number is unlisted and a cell phone, so it’s not attached to my address. I’m working on the password thing.

Leah…prayers of protection are with you. I’ve been in your place before, it isn’t easy.


Keeping thinking…the world is a safe place, I am well.
Of course it is important to be aware, but you are a smart woman…your feelings will guide you. Trust yourself!

sending you feelings of well-being!

Having once had a stalker who actually showed up on my doorstep and also on the advice of my father who was a police officer: Document everything. Every call attempt, every email, all the things he reports to know about you and your family, what ever contact he attempts, log it. I agree with the above comment, a firm and clear “Never contact me” then avoid any kind of communication back at him after that. Since it sounds like he is/was a client at your sister’s place of employment, she should inform them of his behaviors. Yes, it’s creepy and scary. Yes, follow you gutt and keep yourself safe. I hope this ends quickly for you.

you’re tagged!

the world is a safe place. You ARE safe. And it is so.

So sorry you felt all creeped out. That sounds scary. I liked reading about how cozy you were all snuggled in bed. Makes me want to drive back home and hop into bed. ;)

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