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July 31st, 2007

Firstly, I've got some new art up at the Blue Tree blog, so go check it out.

Secondly, I f**kin hate mosquitoes. Why do they love me so much? Ack!

Thirdly, I'm putting together some blank greeting cards with my art on the front for my website.  Are there any pieces in particular that you'd like to see as a card? Feel free to browse on the website to get some ideas.

Fourthly, speaking of greeting cards, there's a super cool contest involving cards at Holly's site, Decor8. I love this contest idea. I was just writing and I seem to always be writing that inspiration comes from everywhere. My inspiration book is full of images of fabric, furniture, and fireplaces, but the mix of colors I make by putting random images together and whatnot makes me happy. Take your inspiration wherever it comes from.  I think every artist should also have art they do just for them. It keeps you playful and loose and that's exceedingly important, in my humble opinion. :-)

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Cards would be wonderful. I’d love to see Rapunzel as a card – especially if you can slip in a small piece of paper with her story on it. It’s a wonderfully inspiriational piece!

Apparantly taking a vitamin b12 supplement puts them off/ stops them munching on you (ooh the things you pick up on morning television!)maybe worth a go.

My inspiration comes from anything French: the language, the food, recipes, the written French word, fashion, style (very different than fashion), the Eiffel Tower, French art, French performances, buildings, architecture… you get the idea. Love it! I particularly love Amelie, the soundtrack to Amelie, The Little Prince, The Phantom of the Opera and the soundtrack to Phantom. Those are always sure-fire inspirations for me.

Can’t wait to see your cards!

I think Roots and Red Cat would make nice cards.

I think Lotus Heart would make a beautiful card, Leah. Your art and your new website are wonderful!

Aack…mosquitos are nasty! I’m so glad we don’t get many of them where I live.

Your art is always amazing.
Greeting cards are a fabulous idea!
All would look great on the front.

“Fishing,” “Rapunzel” and “Catching Stars” would all make lovely cards, I think. Oh, what was the one that you did with the lighthouse/girl carrying a light – I loved that one.

I hate mosquitos, too – they’re one creature that I can’t really find a good reason why they’re in Gaia’s plan – other than feeding fish and frogs – and they have plenty of other things to eat. Hope you can stay at least relatively unscathed the rest of the summer.

I was looking through all your art with maggie on my lap. So lovely!

Would you be wiling to share your source for getting those greeting cards printed? I’d like to do the same with my digital images of my acrylic and mixed media work but the only sites I can find are selling that of others, and/or the consumer sites (shutterfly, Target.com, Walmart, Kodak….) are designed to center a small photo (of your child or dog or something) against their pre-printed back drop, vs. letting me take my art and bleed it off the page….. Thanks for any help. Sharyn

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