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October 4th, 2007

I'm so thrilled and impressed with Jessie and those doing the Be Brave project. It's such a cool and exciting idea. I've committed to not committing myself to more projects until after the wedding (in order to keep my sanity in tact), but it's so tempting to jump in! In some ways I'm doing all sorts of things that scare me leading up to this wedding, including dealing with vendors on the phone (I really avoid this kind of thing normally), writing vows, making decisions, asking for help, and saying no...not to mention the whole planning to get up in front of 150 people and expressing my love for my soon to be husband. Eek! So, I'm participating in spirit. And I actually have a whole list of business related tasks in mind for after the wedding, which would be great for this bravery project.

This post from Christine Kane I think is quite relevant to the Be Brave project and to anyone whose fears include rejection (like me!) It's all about how not to take things personally. One of the tips was about how you need to just keep at it. One rejection or failure is not a cue to give up. Think of how many times J.K. Rowling had to submit her book before it picked up and now the Harry Potter series is huge! Another tip was about how not everyone is going to like your art/music/whatever, but there are people out there who will, so again, just keep creating.

Checking things off the large wedding to do list has been keeping me quite busy and I'm afraid that's where all of my creative juices have been used up lately. I'm itching to get back to art-making, so hopefully that will come into play soon.

Off to shower and then a wedding mtg. Ciao for now!

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Leah this is such a wonderful time in your life, and I think that the challenges of your upcoming wedding are more than enough for any one person, that’s for sure. Is it this Saturday? You will be in our hearts and prayers, Love, O

I think wedding stuff is VERY brave, dearest. Pat yourself on the back. This Brave project does seem really cool though. I don’t know if I’d want to commit to it everyday but I might do it once or twice a week.

My two this week include:

1) Meeting with an advisor about getting a double Master’s in English / Language Arts and Education. Scares me to death!
2) Reading this afternoon to kindergartners. Also… scary!

These count right?

Love to you always,

Karen Beth :)

re people and reactions, Husband said something very profound the other day: don’t let one person ruin the rest of your life. How easy is that? Even if it is personal (and a lot of things that happen sure do feel that way) it isn’t worth reacting to forever. I knew I married him for a reason!

I can see how the Be Brave project would be good at this time of finalising all the last parts of your wedding plans – I find I have to be brave just to pick up the phone to call the dentist for an routine appointment! lol, let alone something as stressful as wedding stuff!

Thank you for sharing that Christine Kane post – I love her blog, but I wait too long in between times to read it, and end up missing some. That was a post I needed to read right now.
Good luck with all of your wedding plans, Leah – what an exciting (and scary, but in a good way :) time in your life.

You are brave in so many ways! Here’s to you and to being calm through all this craziness…we will definitely keep thinking of you…hang tough…

Such an exciting time… the art will follow when it, and you, are ready. Enjoy!

The link to Christine Kane is very helpful – you always give such great links!!!

Well I have to agree about Be Brave project being such an
inspiration – and I am waiting for my first rejection -
as I am being brave asking stangers if I can take their photo -
and when it happens – I will not take it personally -
but keep going:)

After your wedding (happy dance – yay!) you can join in the
Be Brave project – I have a feeling it will keep going:)

have a beautiful day!

leah, i’m sorry i’ve been out of touch lately; i’ve had a lot going on and i know you have too!
i hope all is well and that you are becoming more excited with each day! xoxo!

Weddings are indeed brave! Soon soon soon! How delightful!

Yay Leah!! Yay, yay, Leah!!

I’m thinking of you and wishing you the best this Universe offers. …till we meet again.

You are doing one of the two most ultimate brave things in the world, joining your life with another may be one of the bravest, scary things a person can ever do. The other one, bringing a new person into the world and raising them, may come up in the near future – but for now this one ultimate challenge is more than enough! All those other little things like skydiving and swimming across the ocean – pale in comparison. Those two things are the scariest, best joy rides you can ever take. It would be fitting if right after you kissed, couples yelled Geronimo, as they joined hands and jumped into life!

Sending you love, light, best wishes and early congratulations, dear Leah – remember to breathe and just have the time of your life! Enjoy!~XOXO

I smiled when I read this because I too, keep seeing the beautiful badges for the Be Brave project and so want to join in, but really? How much can a girl do? :) I’m tempted, but will let it stir within for a while to see what unfolds. Just the idea of doing something that scares me everyday, scares me!

love to you,

Leah – I know you must be beyond busy right now! I hope your wedding day is magical:> When you have a moment, stop by my blog to see the award I gave you :>

yay! congratulations leah!

i’ve bookmarked that christine kane link. thanks for letting me know about her. :)

mmmm….pictures are coming….


i love the link to christine kane’s blog. you know about the best websites! how do you find them? well, thanks for sharing. ;)

love ya!

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