Day 3 – Dandelion Wishes

November 3rd, 2007

A spontaneous painting. I sat down with a 6"x6" gallery wrapped canvas and some paint, picked out some colors that called my name and started. This is what came out. The colors I chose were influenced in part by my memory of this photo by dotintime I saw today on the AEDM flickr group. Funny part is that my memory of the picture's colors are quite different from what they actually are, but that's o.k. Heh. Anyways, it's a quite different color scheme than I normally use, but I do love me some dandelions and I enjoy the pinkish-brown tones and golds with some blue/purple/brown in the background. I layered colors and textures and tried to let go and play, then step away and re-assess and then play again.

Today was a rainy, windy day in New England. A lovely day to stay in my jammies and snuggle up with kitties. I watched "Dreamgirls" today and totally loved it. I sang along and cried and laughed. Totally enjoyed it. Jennifer Hudson was incredible! Wowza. Overall, it was a great girly movie for a day on the couch.

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I love dandelions – we have quite a few in our garden at the mo…but they look so dreamy here. Love it!

I love the colors in this piece. I’m continually surprised and admiring of what comprehensive works you churn out each day. I would get maybe 1/8 of this done in one day. Wowza!

Again…..I so love your work…the dandelions are awesome…really dreamy looking!!!
THANKS SO MUCH for stopping by my blog and complimenting my art…it is so appreciated..really touched my heart!!

I like this. I like the colors and subject. I can’t believe how you do so much work in a day either.

I love this. I especially enjoy that it was totally spontaneous. :)

I really like this – it’s very peaceful. Is the text in the background actual words, or greeking?

beautiful, colors are great :) you inspire me, xoxo

Wow. This is just too pretty. I absolutely love it.
Yesterday’s weather was right up my alley. I stayed in all day too! xo

Sometimes those bleak dreary days are a gift. I stayed in happily painting. Thanks again for doing this. Great motivation for me.
I want to make a wish on your dandelions…..

Beautiful and whimsical. I love when it when one sits down to create but without anything in particular in mind and the result is something “just right”. For me that’s the perfect process. But I frequently let me own ideas get in the way!

I like this very much. I love dandelions. xoxo nita

Beautiful. Seems to come together so nicely. I like the writing in the background too. What does “geeking” mean as someone above mentioned??

oops, I mean she wrote “greeking” as in sororities????? :)

Nice to see you off to such a great start to the month. I have been keeping up but just not posted much.
A great motivation this monthly thing. Fab!

heyhey leah, lovin’ your art. wish i could buy everybody their presents and not have to make them, ugh. well, day 4 and i’m still hanging in there, rofl. i have now beaten my all-time record, so life is good. okay, crackin my own whip, back to work on day #5. just wanted to come by and say hey!

aimes xoxo

Ah, no more dandies until next spring. But you capture the fall with these colors and a sort of bittersweet goodbye to the dandies until next time. Love the fluffs flying around. Was on your website yesterday – pray for me to make it big because I’m buying everything you have for sale. (really pray or cross fingers or dance to the moon – the application to the Buyers Mkt went in yesterday).

So whimsical and light. I love it.

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