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November 1st, 2007

I've set up a new AEDM Flickr group for Art Every Day Month here:

Feel free to join and post your creations there, but it's not required!

Anything creative that you've made during the challenge is great. I know that there has been a photography group on flickr created that was inspired by this challenge, but I just wanted to be sure that everyone knows that photography is absolutely included in the realm of Art Every Day Month! Anything creative counts.

I love all the creating I've seen so far! Such great variety and so much inspiration!  I'm off to look some more before I head off to sleep.

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I’m writing a short story every day for a month. You can read along here:

Thanks for making the flickr group!

I love this idea and I will participate. I am brand new to the artist world but I would be glad to be a part of this.
Love your blog and I will be watching it often. Do you mind if I put your link on my blog?

Patti Koosed
Treasure Barn

ok – how do I upload a picture into the flicker group? You know me, hopelessly non tech.

Love this tree thing. You do such wonderful things with trees. (I will not buy, I will not buy, I wil not buy)

Thanks for doing the Flickr group. A nice way to share photos of artworks and now that I’ve figured out I can leave comments a nice way to do that too without clicking through all the sites on the left. Although I realize I must do that too as some folks might not post to FLICKr.

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