Etsy Updates

January 20th, 2008

3 of the prints I put up on my new Etsy store sold today. Hoorah! So, I've replaced those prints and added one more "Subway Stories" print there.


I also wrote about my etsy store along with some cool etsy shops I've enjoyed (just a few out of many I love to watch and buy from!) on my Blue Tree Blog. So, go check that out for some fun linkage. I'm going home in a couple hours and I'm so excited to snuggle up with the hubster, his homemade cooking, and some cute kitties to keep me warm. It is frigidly cold outside today. Brr!

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I’m loving your Subway Stories collection! What a great concept! I went a way this weekend so may creativity was limited to acquiring about 30 wood pieces to create on, thanks to a handy carpenter I know :) Now I have the supplies for my collages, there need not be anymore excuses!

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