Art and Picnics

January 20th, 2008

Some new pieces, I've been working on. Still have a little touching up to do on these two and they need names still, but here's a sneak peek!

These two are 6"x6" and 8"x8". I did a lot of work on them last night when I experienced some night time energy again. The night owl in me enjoys making art in the evening hours. So, I stayed up late working on these and finishing up on the last one.

I started feeling much brighter in the afternoon yesterday and today the world feels much less heavy. Hooray for that! I think that the best thing to do with a low mood (if possible, it's not always possible), is to create with it. If I can turn that blueness into some thing, if I can use it as the paint in my brush, then I tend to feel better as a result. Sometimes just expressing that emotion can help to lift it away or at least lighten it.

If you're feeling low, try having what I call an "art picnic." I do this regularly and it's a wonderful practice. I'll set up on the floor and lay down old blankets and pillows and make myself comfortable. I'll put around me whatever art supplies I have: paper, glue, paint, cups of water, ephemera, old books, pencils, pastels and then I wait a moment to see what draws me in. What materials do I feel drawn to? What colors are calling my name? I let go of any expectation to create something "good" and just let myself create whatever I'd like to. I give myself permission to make "bad art." And I follow my intuition where it guides me. Very often I find my underlying emotions spilled across the page and by getting in touch with that deeper feeling within me, the one that might not be sitting on the surface, I feel more connected, grounded, and whole. Perhaps by working on the floor, I'm able to feel more grounded or perhaps by getting down low and meeting myself where I'm at, I'm better able to connect. Try it for yourself and see how it works for you! I have art picnics in every sort of mood, so you don't need to feel low to try having one! :-)

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i love your art picnic idea-thanks for the ideas and inspirations- i finished 2 pieces with the same type energy you were describing- and it felt good- sometimes i just wanna do a quick happy thing and have instant artification-i have finished enough to have a little showing at our neighborhood starbucks-
thanks again

I have bed picnics. Love to sit in bed in the middle of the day surrounded by books and chocolate and a big mug of tea and journals and the little things on my bedside table that give me comfort. It might not be overtly creative…but when I start craving one of those times I know it’s because I’m doing too much surface stuff (busy work)…and it’s time to shut out the distractions and turn inward for a bit to recharge…so I can re-flourish.

I love the picnic idea. I sort of do that sometimes without the blanket but I like the whole picnic theme and I could even have a cupcake and a glass of lemonade with the craft supplies!

Hi me again, :) Can you add me to the CED sidebar when you get a chance? I don’t see me on there and I have been participating…sort of! Thanks, Amy

I love your works! They are so original!

Love the idea of the “art picnic”! I’m going to add that to my list of ideas for an Artist’s Date!

Thanks for the linkies too! Plan to look through them more when I have more time!


Karen Beth :)

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