Creative Every Day – January 21st – January 27th

January 21st, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 1/21/08 - 1/27/08.

Happy creating!

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Hi – I’d like to join your “Creative Every Day” challenge. What a great idea. Does shopping for art supplies count? :)

I posted a few items this morning that were created toward the end of last week. You’ll find the post at

You can see things I have created the last days on my blog.

finished a frida and diego tribute piece and hung some work at starbucks–and went to Artdaily and wanna go to delaware to see the 50 phoots of frida-
today (a day of from day job) i went to overlook blogsite and am tapped into the little everyday deals- coffeemugs and dustbunnies-
here’s to creating- have a great week

You can see the things I get into at:

I am off to see all the things everyone else is going…

oops, I really meant “doing” rather than “going”, but whatever works….

OMG! Thank You! I’ve finally found a challenge that FITS! Me, my art, my life.. I love this concept and so look forward to participating.

Something a little different from me this week. Lots of of projects on the table…


Love your blog banner, the newsprint people are Fabulous!
Sandra Evertson

Here is my latest creative every day post—a couple of WIP drawings and a hat!

I’ve been in an angel mode lately, posted a new angel today in honor of Dr. King at
Love your blog!

Steps closer to posting stuff on my Etsy!!! Logo’s ready, pieces are photographed….enjoying the creative process!

feeling under the weather and hoping to get caught up next week with two links. sorry. (inspiring to look at what others are doing though) :(

Hi Leah,
Happy New Year! It was so nice to receive a comment from you today. Hope you are well!


I am posting on Mondays for the previous week. So today I posted all my items for week 3. This is so fun. I am slowly going down the entire list of participants, visiting every site. In 3 weeks I have made it through the A’s and most of the way through the B’s. This may also be a year long project just to visit the sites. Have fun.

Here’s a peek at one of my works in progress (the mini pieces will go on the item featured in my previous post). :)

So pleased to have found you. I try SO hard to be creative every day- better than prozac in my experience! Hope to visit you all soon, meanwhile here’s my latest…
maz from wales x

Ran across your blog last week and I am SO excited to join. I’m always doing something – painting, knitting, drawing, singing, etc.
Thanks for providing a place of more inspiration & sharing.

I’ve been having a very creative time!

This is such a great idea! I still can’t get over how many creative people are out there…such inspiration!

A cute little painting of poppies I made.

Two for me this week! The first shares a creative inspiration and the second includes some of my photography.

This project is definitely inspiring me to think outside the box a little more… Kelly

I try to upload something creative everyday on my blog~

I have been busy creating art to update my etsy store, it’s ohhhh so ignored~

today I have been rearranging a few things on my blog sidebars~

have company coming to visit today, so I better get busy creating a clean house!

xo ~Izabella

oops sorry…forgot the link~

Izabella’s Blue…

i am so lucky because i get to be creative everyday with the new budding artists of the future-
i teach art and reading to students in a public school k -8th grade.
we are learning about collages and i took one of mine into talk about and show and the 3rd graders are the BEST- they ask so many great intuitive questions and are really genuinely interested in creative processes and creating themselves- everyday all day for me creative- THANKS- as sometimes i ‘m not always feeling so fortunate to go to work everyday-ya’know?

I got tagged to select a stock photo for a challenge at Digital Art Quirks. Being me one photo was not enough so I offered up an old window photo and a spilled coffee photo. Here is the link to my solution to photo combination

Here’s another update of my creativity for this week:

Spent most of the week filling wholesale orders; however I did start a couple of small projects here:

I’m redecorating, choosing fun colors and try to make something every day besides painting and cooking and things like that. I tried to things this past week that I havent diĆ³ne before. I altered a box with alcohol inks and made an accordian album/thank you card. I like the result and had lots of fun doing it! (bur I have been to tired to write about it in english unfortenatly).

Just been playing.

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