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January 21st, 2008

I love the way CED participants have been noticing the endless ways to be creative. Today, I was thinking about the little things that bring me delight. It's so important to notice those things that make you happy and bring them into your life as much as you can.


A few months ago, I'd seen a little girl running around with the cutest, sparkly shoes. They were so adorable that I giggled when I saw them. I think I even said, "Oooo, I want sparkly shoes!" Well, shortly after that I saw a pair of inexpensive, but super sparkly shoes for sale. It was already winter time and they certainly weren't super practical shoes for the time of year, but I've definitely gotten my $15 worth. I wear them around the house all the time like slippers, while going up and down stairs with laundry, and in my parents house when I visit to keep my toes warm. And I'll be able to wear them outside in the spring. They are blue (my favorite color), so sparkly, and they still make me smile when I see them. They make my feet dance when I wear them. That's always a good thing too. And my small, but fun creatactivity of the day was taking these pics of my shoes and a very curious Tabbers cat.


It was so nice to get home last night! The hubster and I were very excited to be together again and we had a really fun day today. We drove around and looked at houses (just from the outside), saw a movie (Cloverfield), and I even fit in a little nap with the kitties. It was a good day. The movie was good by the way. It was definitely spooky and fun. A friend of ours worked on the film, so we waited to see his name in the credits and cheered. Hehe.

Hope your weekend was a lovely and creative one!

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I hibernated this weekend. I was like a little animal in its burrow and it was very cozy. I have no sparkly shoes, but I do have some very warm slippers. They make my feet happy too. Glad that your weekend went well.

every girl should own a pair of sparkly shoes…they just beg you to be creative!!!

OMG! Now I want sparkly shoes! Hmmm….I wonder if they come in purple!!

I love your POV, Leah. It’s always nice to have those things which make us giddy with delight!
i have a little something for you at my blog. please stop by…
~sue okieffe

Love those shoes!! How bright and cheery they are!!!

i need to read this today…
a little bit of fun
and reminder not to take it all so seriously…
thank you

now I’m going to have to go out and find a pair of sparkling shoes and my twelve year old daughter will think I have gone mad

GREAT shoes!!! So glad to know another “grown up” (whatever THAT means) likes sparkles, especially sparkly shoes!!! I have always coveted little girls’ sparkly shoes! I’m jealous that you found a pair of adult sized-sparkly shoes for yourself! Have fun!

oooh, sparkly goodness. I have my eye on a pair of red glittery pumps with ladybird lining – but cannot justify £40 on footwear that I’ll only wear in the house! I’m keeping my eyes open for a more reasonably priced pair though!

Sparkly shoes are the best and I have been looking for some for ages now in a dark red. I love your dark blue ones.

My daughter would love your sparkly shoe love. Hey, I think I do too!

Cute shoes! I am really love your subway stories!!!
Have a Blessed Creative Happy Year!!!

Hi Leah,
Please stop by my blog when you have a chance because I have a little something for you.

sparkly fun things should bring a smile to your face….how cool are those shoes…love them!! I think your cat does too.. :)
glad you had a beautiful weekend!

I have finally found the blog , I have been looking for, creativeness in all areas, how fun. I try to keep a creative journal, and refer back, plus make each day creative in the everyday routine, I also like to visit these kind of websites. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

love the shoes too! I think I have that same rug! I took a pic of my black ballet shoes during the summer with the intention of doing a scrapbook page about walking a mile in my shoes.I printed the pic, but did not keep in on my disc. I will have to take another one on my rug to see if it matches your’s… Thanks again for this blog. It has really made me more creative.

Sparkly shoes are so necessary! I love your story of the little girl wearing a pair. So cute. If I had sparkly shoes this is what I would do in them: wear them while I sew, perform a little song and dance number for the benefit of my cat and dog, dance in the kitchen. I am sure my list will be bigger once I get a pair.

EVERY GIRL needs at least one pair of “sparkly” shoes!!

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