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January 14th, 2008

I'm having so much fun with the CED project this year. I get so excited to see what everyone is up to, the new and wonderful ways you're being creative, and sharing my own creativity. What a great energy to start of the new year with!

We got blasted with snow here in New England. The world is covered in thick, white, fluffy stuff. The power was out most of the day today where I'm staying (at my old job) and I couldn't get home anyways because there's a big tree in our driveway. I feel SO lucky that my car wasn't there last night. A big tree fell right in the spots where my neighbor and I park our cars, both of which happen to be brand new. That would have been devastating - to come out and see my shiny new car crushed! So anyways, the landlord couldn't get any help to remove the tree til tomorrow, so I'll go back to the house for a bit then and then back to my supervising role at the old job.

The power being out wasn't too bad, but it was out for over 5 hours and it was starting to get really cold and it would have been dark shortly, so I'm glad that it has returned. While the power was out, I spent a lot of time reading. His Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman was excellent by the way. I highly recommend it. In the afternoon, I worked on "Subway Stories" pieces, finishing up the two I've been showing you and prepping and starting new ones. It was nice to have a bit more room to spread out in and I could work on more pieces at once, sanding and gessoing and gluing and painting. The hubster and I are trying to get rid of the extra stuff (we're both kinda messy, but we do better in a cleaner space) in our apartment and I'm trying to do the same in my studio. I would love some more space to work in, but I need this to work for now. In the meantime, I just droooool over the studio spaces I see in blogland sometimes. Karin of "Karins Kreativa 2008" joined the CED 2008 challenge today. Her blog is in Swedish and I haven't been able to find a good translator for Swedish to English, but I really have enjoyed her pictures including her amazingly organized studio space. Check it out here.  I've started doing some of this kind of organizing in my own space, but the way she's put her creative supplies together gives me so many ideas. I've included a few of the photos from Karin's studio below, but do go see the rest! Thanks for the inspiration, Karin!


I got an email from Becky of Quoth the Rav in which she shared a quote from her inspirational calendar:

"When looking for a new idea, thumb through a magazine on a subject of no interest to you."
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.-
from Life's Little Instruction calendar 2008

Becky took this inspiration and ran with it, using a medical supply catalog to get ideas  and material for collage. I love that!

Janet of The Lavendar Loft has shared a great list of creativity tips (the original list is here.) I love what Janet had to say about creativity when she shared the list. I totally agree with her when she says that people often shut themselves down thinking they can't be creative, when in fact we are all creative every day. And by bringing our focus to the many ways we are creative in our everyday lives we can only bring more inspiration and creative goodness flowing in.

O.k., I'm going to get back to working on some art. I'll get my camera back tomorrow, so you can expect some pics from me then!

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I’m so happy the universe decided not to total your car with a falling tree. Yay for divine interventions! Try to stay warm amongst all that white, cold, fuzzy stuff. *hugs*

Karin’s studio is so impressive the way she has everything in a place….I am so NOT organized – but I am hoping to get there – slowly but surely!!!
Thank God you had your new car with you – sounds like “perfect timing” for you!
I look forward to seeing your WIP – take care and have a great tuesday!!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the snow. I’m in SoCal, and the only snow is on the mountains. I can see it, but it doesn’t affect me. I miss snow (I’m from northern Arkansas and we get occasional snow there, but none so far this season I’m told). Thanks for sharing the pics of Karin’s studio; I’m so jealous. I live in an apartment and have to work at my dining room table. That means packing my stuff up and dragging it back out. Hopefully, we’ll live somewhere bigger soon!

Be safe and be warm!

Thanks! I really love my studio and I really enjoy organizing it. I quickly make a mess of things if I’m not super organized. Sometimes it is close to over compensating but when everything has it’s place I can create without having to think a lot where I have everything and It is easy to clean up after every project.

I’m a bit scared of writing in English but I ill try to start to write comments in English so it will be easier to follow my creative adventures (but be ware of “Swenglish, bad spelling and grammar and sometimes even funny mistakes).

Hi! I just stumbled across CED following some links within links – so happy I did. I am signing up even though a couple of weeks of the year have already passed. What a great concept you have here. Love your blog and love the post about what you love about each season – that really connected with me and my desire to honour the abundance in my life. Tonight’s creativity for me could well be subtitled “Creativity with Couscous” but hopefully it will also involve some art quilting!

A medical supply catalogue? That is awesome! I’m sure that provided some interesting inspiration!!! :)

for always making my day…I gave you a ‘make my day award’…look on my blog…xx

Your blog is so inspirational, and I’ll bet people begin to create after visiting you! Thanks for all the fun places to visit.

I think I told you before, but I love the His Dark Materials Trilogy. I read it twice! Loved seeing ‘The Golden Compass’ come to life in a movie.

I like the suggestion of thumbing through a magazine that I wouldn’t normally look at.

I’m totally jealous of Karin’ studio! I’m not ready to post a picture of my space yet, maybe by Spring. I’m looking forward to the challenge Creating Everyday. I guess I should start searching for my muse in hmmmmm….maybe one of my son’s comic books?? LOL

I’m so late getting here….thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I’ve been having so much fun with this creative every day challenge. I find myself stopping right in the middle of doing something very mundane and I’ll think about how I can see it as creative. I haven’t done as much actual art over the past couple of weeks but I have been thinking of new ways to stretch myself creatively and for that I thank you!!

I’ve always been curious what your studio space looks like. Perhaps you’ve posted photos and I’ve missed them…but oh, please oh please will you someday post photos of your work space? I’d love to see! :)

And, geez, I feel like ORGANIZING something now! :) -

Happy creating! Although I haven’t been posting about it on my blog much, I’ve been having the most fun being creative in my journal. This time around I’m letting it get seriously visual. I’m letting it lead me towards my dream of supporting myself with art, full time. It feels good to have a safe and creatively inspiring space like that to work in.

lots of love!

So glad you weren’t parked there! Love that idea about picking up a magazine that’s of NO interest…that could trigger creative ideas for lots of things (besides) collages. :)

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