Creative Every Day: October 13th – October 19th, 2008

October 13th, 2008

CED2008 participants! Feel free to leave a comment here with a link to post(s) about your creative activities during the week of 10/13/08 - 10/19/08.

Happy creating!

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I’ve been parcipating in The Big Draw – got a new camera – started doing these giveaways as part of the 29Day Giving Challenge – with a little sputtering I’m happily creating. Take a look!

Did a second watercolor from photographs I took this summer at Oxford’s Botanical Gardens: still in my “primitive” stage but found out two new techniques just by loosening up and playing around. Went out for a long walk in the Bois nearby my studio-apt.: watched people and took pictures of Paris in autumn… nice all round. Hope to go back today and get some shots with people in them! Worked on two–two!–book proposals/outlines yesterday–finally, my brain opened up and I had (modestly) brilliant ideas! Felt as if everything fell into place… Cooked chicken breasts in lemon and white wine. Uh, folded laundry? After only two months in Paris I finally feel as if I am breathing and relaxing and coming to a calm, creative place without “product” thoughts constantly buzzing in my head. Finally!

I made a tutu for a friend of mine that just had a little girl. She has 2 boys so figured she needed something “friley”. Want to make some more things but my creativity mind is blank right now. Need some help and inspirations!!

During the creative process of my newest painting, I had to step out of my comfort zone, but boy was it fun. The new piece looks very cosy, autumn.

Sometimes I think I have done nothing creative all day but flicking through my journal today I realized nearly every day I will add something to my leatherclad tome. Sometimes its my thoughts, a sketch even a doodle. Sometimes its a picture I love or a design I have floating around in my head that I just have to get down on paper….so my contribution to CED this week is my journal…and all the random creativity it contains.

Click on Flassie if you’d like to see a Childs silhouette Dd and I created together.

Click on Flassie if you’d like to check out my other blog. On my blog list is an artist giving away 29 of her paintings if you’d like to get your name in the hat to try and win one of them. Also check out One Pretty Thing.

I spent the week playing with acrylic paints. Last night I played around with mixing colors with my daughter. Lots of fun!

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