Cat Stackers

November 25th, 2008

Catstack Tonight I decided to do a fun drawing. I used a nib pen and brown ink to bring to life a little sketch I had in my sketchbook. I had called them "Cat Stackers" when I showed the original sketch to the hubster, but he said it was more like a stack of pancats. Either way. :-)

It was so dark and gloomy all day, so I felt the need for my art to be fun and light. I ran a bunch of errands in the rain and it was pleasant to be in the cozy car, listening to an audiobook on cd, warming my bum on the butt-warmer seats, feeling cozy and dry while stuck in traffic. I didn't mind going slow or waiting. Running from car to store with packages and umbrella and purse was a little less fun and little more comical, especially when a big box I bought to ship art in, nearly flew away from me in the wind.

Today in Soul Coaching, the focus was partly on how you carry yourself. I know that making a decision to carry yourself a certain way can make a huge difference. There was also an exercise about taking some time to truly relax and even though I didn't do it multiple times during the day, I did take a nice long rest after a yoga session with a purring cat on my chest, just breathing and melting into the floor. And that felt fabulous.

Some of the AEDM-ers are eager to continue with the project. And although I can't commit to posting art every day beyond this month, I will still have the Creative Every Day 2008 project going. And I think I'll start using the linking widget for the weekly CED posts too. I'm loving that widget. Widget is also a fun word to say. Widget, widget, widget. O.k., I'm tuckered out. Sweet dreams, you creative geniuses!

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love love love those kitties – they are too cute!!!!
thanks for sharing it!

I guess I am a cat person as my AH was the first response upon seeing your cute stack of cats.
What pray tell are pancats?

I like the wood floor too.

Yes, we MUST continue…being creative.
My month has been filled with one project but each day I’ve worked on it…my Erika’s World art quilt can be seen on my blog: Lynn Getting My Feet Wet.

Fun drawing and a fun day!

These are lovely – they would make a beautiful painting.

Awwww, sooooo cute! I wanna cuddle with them!!!

I like the cat stack – you got all four in. I’m assuming it’s the big ginger on the bottom…

There is something about cats, especially purring cats on or around you, that is purely spiritual. Soothing and divine :)

I love the stack of cats!

And now I’m thinking of spending the afternoon with yoga and the cat. :)

You’ve drawn my life. They’re super cute, Leah!

~Nappy Time~

widgets (said repeatedly) and pancats: why I come here. It makes me smile. Broadly! (but mostly just to savor your work).

p.s. Calendars????!

Oh my last car had a butt-warmer and I miss it so! My cats are pretty good lap warmers…too bad they hate the car. : )
I love this drawing.

I love your playfulness today! Widget, widget. What a great way to face the grey of the day.

I spent some time resting with a cat on my chest too. Wht delicious moments.

I am reminded of when my cat had kittens and they always snuggled together to sleep, sharing their warmth I guess :o ) sweet drawing Leah!

the kitty cats make me think of a cozy room with warm heat and blankets… and apple cinnamon tea and some classical music playing in the background. glad you were able to rest with a cat on your belly after a nice long yoga session. sounds yummy and cozy!

oooh kittie doodles….very sweet. sometimes i really miss having a cat, especially when one is waiting for me at the front door when i open it, asking to come in. how can anyone deny a sweet face like that?

This is so cute! I also like the sense of balance in the composition. There’s a lot of texture and line movement on the bottom, while the top where the cats are is more quiet and has a lot of empty space. It has a good feeling to it :)

Love the cat stackers! It may convince me to get more kitties…

love, love, love ‘em!

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