Fishing for the Moon

November 29th, 2008


This is "Fishing for the Moon" and it's about 9"x12" with acrylic on paper. Just the art today as I've got visitors and have to run. Hope you're having a great weekend!

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Wonderful. You paint the most amazing pictures.

Lovely and more peaceful feeling today.
Wonder why I always see fabric in your work? Must be how my mind creates these days! ;-)

i love these moon pictures you are doing!

Oh this is very evocative – mmm…

What beautiful light in this one! I love this moon series.

Again, I think you’re a master with the cool and warm colors to create atmosphere. I love the depth of this sky behind the silhouette (and the incredible confidence of paint in those simple clouds), and how in the world did you come up with that line and dot pattern?! It’s GREAT on this piece, creating even more depth for the sky, and making a sense of private closeness and peeking, like we were viewing this through some kind of curtain. I would NEVER have thought of something like that and it works so well.

Leah, this is just gorgeous. So much to look at, you just get caught up in the colours and mystery.

oh wow! so very beautiful! what a mood you’ve created with this piece! brilliant!

i am super loving your moon pieces lately. great work!!!

hope you’re having a fun weekend!

awesome, awesome. everyday i find something inspiring. everyday more beautiful.


I love the moon series that you are doing. You Go Girl!

it’s beautiful, i really like it… artistic greetings from Croatia :)

What a delicious thought … fishing for the moon. I am gonna think about that the next time I am at the beach.

leah, now I think this is my favorite of your moon paintings…I love the silhouette of the woman and the boat and the curtain effect is lovely!

Hmm, you’re really into the moon this month…. most times the theme is drawing down the moon, but here you are pulling it up…

Tomorrow, there’s a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with the crescent moon completing the triangle. Should be visible just after sunset. We saw it coming into town last night, while driving over the mountains into San Diego just at sunset. It was a gorgeous sight, with the red glowing horizon, the gray mountains and clouds, and the beautiful planets and moon overhead. Tomorrow’s evening sky may be spectacular, so you might want to look for it!

And agreed on the fabric — have you thought of doing silk painting, on scarves, maybe? I think you really have something here.

Another awesome painting, Leah! I love how your work the colour contrasts so well.

hi Leah–I just love this painting!!! perhaps because I spent about 18 years commercial fishing? but I think ti is also the ethereal aspect of the painting….

Wow, this is gorgeous!!! I do need to go back and see more later.

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