Creative Every Day Challenge Check-In: April 13th – April 19th

April 13th, 2009

Ced2009Welcome, Creative Every Day Challenge participants! 

This weekly post is a place for CED participants to share their creative activities.

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You can also take advantage of the great CED flickr group to post your images and see what others are up to.

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Theme: The (totally optional) theme for April is color. I'll be posting about the theme throughout the month. You can find out more about how you can use the theme here.

Happy Creating!!

"I love color. A visit to the grocery store is a treat – all those beautiful fruits and vegetables!"
Joyce Ward 

p.s. Want some more support on your creative journey? Join me on a gremlin-busting, playful Art Picnic happening on Saturday, April 25th!

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My sil/bff is here in So Cal visiting with me right now. We are both members of Creative Every Day, and we have been having the BEST time together creating all SORTS of things! I hate that she is leaving (already!) on Tuesday to head back to Texas :( It is sooooo much fun to bounce creative ideas off of each other and then sit down and put them into action!!

So my creative experiments have been a lot of practicing with the tools from my toolbox of inner peace, so the link in Mister Linky is to my latest write up of an experiment.

On the visual art front, I’m working on a series of culture jamming pieces, but I’m quite scared to share them publicly. They are not my usual 1,000 Faces stuff. They come from places of controversy and anger pockets I still have about things that have happened to us on the grief journey. So I’m not ready to share them… though a good friend and activist offered me a space to show them when finished in a few weeks. So maybe when that time comes, that week’s CED link for me will be to that space.

Anyway, felt to compelled to at least SAY — to give voice to the fact — that I’m working on this series. A first step in possibly sharing them ?? :)

Thanks, Leah!

I will post pictures shortly of what I have been up too.

Thanks for this opportunity. Your work is wonderful.

First day receiving the emails of the site.

What I did this past week in my home office was set up a creativity table beside the workspace that holds my computer. Too much time lost “checking in” on Facebook … for what??? I laid out some simple things to get me started — nature and muse books, deco papers, journal, etc.

Yesterday said, “what can I do with this piece of paper?” I wove it into a contrasting piece. Nothing but play, but that’s creative, in itself.

I played catch up again today for my CED journal. I don’t have a problem being some kind of creative most days or writing in my journal. but I do have a problem posting to my blog.

I’ve been busy.

I have been playing with colors in my water color palette. I posted about it in my blog tonight about some experiments I have been doing by swooshing colors on my paper and then looking at it for a while. Sometimes I don’t like what I see and yet some have emerged in ways I never expected. It’s been interesting, to say the least.

Currently I am starting out by taking a pencil and scribbling some lines on my paper and then looking for a form to emerge. I haven’t finished any of these yet, but I am liking what is happening so far. I’ll report on this next week.

Thanks, Leah, for helping so many of us to unleash our creative talents in a big way – me included! Your art is so inspiring to me.

Been working on a new block for an art quilt for charity. You can see the block and get details about the charity on my blog. But yesterday was all about my blog. It’s new and I have been trying to make it nicer. Funny that color is the theme because cooridinating the colors on my blog and making it interesting without being toooooo busy is what I tangled with all day. Think I’ve got it now, so this evening it is back to the quilt block!

Finished a few ATC’s this past week. My biggest project is to prepare for a solo exhibit that I will hang May 1st.

The cherry trees are in full bloom now and I tried some new closeup photos of them. They turned out so beautiful, so full of pink that I posted them along with a story. Hope you enjoy my creativity this week!

I’ve been limiting my color palette. Never thought that would be so freeing! I’m enjoying color even more, I guess since it shakes things up a bit to go at it this way and gives me greater focus.

You wouldn’t believe how incredibly grateful I am for this months inspiration Leah!
Usually a time of year (here) when both my body & brain want to attempt to hibernate for the approaching winter – instead I find myself charged with energy & a need to explore….everything! I’ve found a new appreciation for that which is around me & I’m looking at everything through different eye’s.

On the long weekend my partner & I even took a road trip – just so I could explore the colours of the New Zealand coastline outside of the city where I live.
I’ve been working in my journal (& journalling itself is a whole new experience for me) & have found a renewed vigour for playing with glass.

Methinks that this is better than any vitamin pill ;o)

This is a new poem I just wrote and was working on this morning. White duck in a green Pool. Colors.

I have been writing 2-3 poems a day during national poetry month.

And I have been doing lots of new art, but haven’t been able to get them scanned yet.

Having a Green Day today, encompassed by the green Spring glow. My post today combines poetry, photos and art journal pages.
Color is such a wonderful theme, Leah. I am really enjoying this focus !

Happy Creating, everyone !

I finally got some time to myself and couldn’t help but do and post two things today.

Sorry to hog Mr. Linky!


What a month for me to be mostly absent (day job huge challenge) ! ! ! You’re singing my song!

Color, color, color… Can’t ever get enough.

Another poem, and some dark colors to go with dark thoughts.

I’ve had a quieter week than normal creativity-wise – my exams are very soon and I’ve had assignments to do. But I did paint a bit, draw a bit, crochet a bit and practice lots of calligraphy (although I haven’t posted the calligraphy on my blog as pages and pages of the same letter groups is just not interesting!

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