Painting a Full Pink Moon Dreamboard

April 9th, 2009


I am quite fond of the moon and it turns up quite a bit in my art. When I heard that this full moon is called the Full Pink Moon, I thought how perfect that I'd just painted a big pink painting in my Intuitve Painting class on Monday

The lovely Jamie Ridler leads a full moon dreamboard challenge on her blog and I wanted to participate in this one. All the dreamboards (or vision boards) I've created in the past have been with magazine images, but I thought it might be fun to paint a dreamboard using the big pink painting I'd created as the base. First, I drew a little sketch intuitively, focusing on what I wanted to see bloom in my life. I drew a girl soaring, a girl peacefully sitting in a flower, and a house. At the bottom I wrote blossom and bloom with two more lotus-like flowers. And then I brought that sketch to the big pink painting (it's 18"x24") and used it as the background for the scene that unfurled. The clouds sort of came as I went along. I can't tell if the soaring girl is hanging on the clouds or pushing them up into the air. I may work on this further, but I wanted to get it up tonight.


What is it that you are wanting to blossom and bloom in your life? Could you use a colorful painting as the base for a dreamboard?

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love the colors in this leah. off to make my full-moon wish…. *hugs*

I love love love this picture Leah – (if you haven’t yet, take a look at the photo in my blog from yesterday) we are on same wavelengths. (You know the blog, I won’t announce it here, it’s not about that!) – looks to me like the girl is pushing aside the veil, so to speak…what is being revealed?


Feels like a variation on the world tree – the lower world is where things sprout – the middle world where they materialise and the upper world where our spirits soar!

Fabulous painting.

May your wishes come true.

I love the color in this painting, leah and rushed right over when I saw you were doing our current Pink Moon…isn’t that a luscious image?? I have ideas for a collage with a pink moon now! and tonight it is beautiful hanging in the sky…

blessings to you, leah…

fabulous. beautiful. love the colours. about whether the girl is pushing the clouds up or hanging on them. i think she just … is. and its cool.

Oh this is completely exquisite, Leah. Beyooootiful!

I love the layering of the clouds, looks like lace or flounce! And you’re on your way to the sky, I think she is making sure there is no limit…

Happy Easter Leah!

A beautiful piece, as usual! :) I love the waves of the clouds. The different shades of pink and purple. I love how the house is growing from the pot and the way the one girl is being carried into the flowers. It’s just gorgeous :)

Such a happy looking piece, Leah! I hope you got to see yesterday’s full moon. I couldn’t get over the unusual color.

I love the colors in this painting, Leah. And the idea for a pink moon! I tend to end up with a lot of moons in my doodle drawings too for some reason. The soaring girl seems to be pushing the clouds up to me, like she’s uncovering something. I really like the girl sitting on the flower too. Fabulous dreamboard!

I love the colours of this picture, the figure on the flower reminds me of an Osho Tarot card . This is so serene and dreamy in some way.

a really lovely mood altering dreamboard.

so beautiful. I love the addition of pink and orange to your usual blues and purples. It looks like hope.

I’ve been wanting to do some dream boards for a while, but never seem to find the time. If you’re already collecting images, it goes quicker, but I’m not, and I purged all my clippings when I moved, so I’d have to start from scratch. I’d rather just paint. So I wonder what would happen if I tried to paint my dream board.

i adore everything about this…including the fact that you don’t particularly like to paint with pink :-) perhaps you will reconsider. i hope you will let us know when prints are available.

This is beautiful and so inspiring. I hope your wishes come true! :)

Oh my goodness! You are an incredibly talented artist! Beautiful!

May all of your dreams come true!

How truly beautiful, Leah! What gorgeous timing with the full pink moon! And what a rich way to create a dreamboard. It’s going to be a delicious month, I’m sure :)

This is absolutely gorgeous! You are such an inspiration.

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{soul hugs}

So dream like and peaceful!

This. is. peaceful. dreamy. delicious.

Gorgeous & so meaningful. You were meant to paint pink!

I thinks she’s pushing the clouds back, so the flower-sitting girl and and the house can be bathed in lovely lavender moonlight

Wow! That’s really beautiful!

Oh-this is such a delicious painting — so full of hope and aspirations…

i love this painted dreamboard. and especially the pink… you know me :)

Beautiful! GREAT COLORS AND DREAM-LIKE IMAGES AND FEELING–YOU REALLY CAPTURED THE FEELING of dreams and the sense they leave with you! :-D

Your work is so creative!

I have just started my dreamboard…

Leah ~ this is magnificent ~ Love it ~ Found about on Ridler’s Full Moon dream boards ~ Full moon is tonight, I believe ~ not sure that I can get one done ~ maybe next month ~ Sept. namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

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