What the Full Flower Moon Can Teach You About Creativity

May 8th, 2009

Today or tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world) marks the start of the Full Flower Moon (also known as the Full Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.) When I thought of the Creative Every Day Challenge's theme of Nature this month, one of the first things that sprang to mind was the moon.

moon under water

I'm a big fan of the moon. My astrological sign is cancer, but beyond that I'm just drawn to it. I love its rhythms and its beauty. The painting above is called "Moon Under Water" and can be purchased here. I dreamed of the moon under water one night, and when I first sketched the image of this painting, it inspired the following poem:

I dreamt last night
that the moon was under water,
not the whole of it,
just half,
as if she was too hot for this summer night
and decided to take a dip.
Finding it bracingly cold
and frighteningly vast in its darkness,
she kept her face dry and safe
above the water line.
But just the legs of the moon
were enough to give the ocean
an ethereal glow
that startled the fish from their slumber
which caused the waves to ripple and dance.
And when the stars moved in
for a better view
the surface lit up like a discoteque
and the air hummed
like a refridgerator late at night.
On a distant shore the waves lapped, lapped
on the rocks
marking the thumping heartbeat
of the skinny dipping moon,
shivering and alive.

Perhaps the glorious full moon will inspire some art in you this weekend, perhaps a poem will spring forth. The moon is also a constant reminder of the cycles of life which are much like the cycles of creativity. I spoke about these cycles with Jamie for the Your Creative Spark interview and I also wrote about them a bit here and here. It's important to remember that our creativity ebbs and flows and it's perfectly o.k. to experience downtimes. If we ride them like the waves, the whole experience is so much more smooth than if we fight them.

You could also play with the full moon by creating a Full Moon Dreamboard, which Jamie Ridler leads us through every month. These are similar to vision boards, but the idea is to create the vision of what you hope to bring into your life with each full moon. I painted a dreamboard for myself for the Full Pink Moon last month and it was a lovely experience.

Try this: When you reflect on the Full Flower Moon, what does it inspire in you? Perhaps some blossoming or blooming that is wanting to take place? Write, doodle, sketch, or paint whatever comes up.

I hope your weekend is full of inspiration and creativity and fun! In the meantime, go howl at the moon!

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The Full Moon Dreamboard makes a lot of sence. I find setting intentions by the moon to be a more natural flow for me than weekly planning. As the moon waxes, the project comes to completion. There’s something more compassionate about that pacing to me.
Another thing I like about the full moon, is a new piece of your art tends to pop up around that time :D The moon in water is intriguing.


What a glorious celebration of the moon, Leah. I loved your poem. With each word, I felt like I could breathe the air of that particular place and time. Mmm.

May this moon bring great delights!

Some might consider me to be a Moonatic. I have done over 30 quilts in the last 12 years that have a moon theme. Talk about creativity… Your poem is lovely, thank you for sharing it.

I just recently found your blog and am enjoying it very much.
I love your paintings and this poem is just beautiful. I like others, can actually sense the essence of this night.
I know I will be a follower.

I teach a Nature Journaling class as an elective English class in high school and had my kids keep a Moon Journal for a full cycle. It was a lot of work but fun, too.

Love your painting!

wooow.. i love the theme, poem, and artwork.


I love the images in the poem and the painting. Especially the lit up sea, the disturbed fish, and the jellyfish!

The moon has appeared in several of my paintings, too (most recently “Birds” but also “Winter Dreams”) and I also love the ever changing cycle – the rhythm of sameness around the daily differences.

And the advice about the creative cycle is never out of place. It’s so hard to rest through the ebbs. Tides are an interesting image for that – and they’re also related to the moon…

delightful. I love watching the phases of the moon. Nice art, good inspiring ideas.

Oh this is just sooooooo glorious, woman!
And a crazy beautiful poem to boot. I really adore that image of a moon in the water… perfect for a Cancerian :)

Lovely poem Leah – I’m a moon lover as well. (and on the cusp with Cancer) – I had no idea you had this additional talent! more please, more! Brava!

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