Random Assortment of Sound

June 26th, 2009

A random assortment of sound goodies to inspire you! Enjoy!

-Peggy Fussell sent me a link to the fabulous artwork from the Zurich Orchestra campaign from Euro RSCG, an agency in Switzerland, which is on view at the website fubiz. What a fun interplay between sound and art! This one is called "Goosebumps."

ZKO Goosebump

-A month or two ago I linked to a video of artist, Jonas Gerard, but I thought it was worth sharing another one this month, just because of the way he reacts and interacts with music while he paints. So fun to watch!

-For more inspirational listening, check out Art of the Song, a one hour public radio program all about creative expression with a focus on music. Lots of great interviews!

-Explore the beginnings of "sound art" in Luigi Russolo's "The Art of Noises" and in this article from TATE ETC.

-I had to do a little searching to find this story again as I couldn't remember where I'd heard it first. But it was on NPR and you can read it, listen the story, and hear the music here. Very cool stuff. The story is about artist, Quinn Kiesow, who has constructed amazing music out of urban sounds. He has a songs for Los Angeles, New York, Madrid, and Barcelona all created from recordings of urban sounds in those cities. Listening to these songs may make you think differently about the sounds you hear in your own environment. There is music all around you!

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I can always depend on you to deliver the coolest, most inspiring posts that make me want to take my art to a completely different level!

these are great!
i have a pond in my garden, right outside my artroom window, with a little fountain – so i hear waterfall noises (except in winter). you have really inspired me – maybe today i will play with music on.

I love watching Jonas Gerard work – I hadn’t seen him until you share that video a while back. He is an inspiration and so obviously into his creative side as he works. Wow – to be as free as that! It is obvious he responds to the music as he works. And the sound music by Quinn Kiesow was so unique and “out of the box”. Really inspiring, Leah – Thanks for sharing all that with us. I always look forward to your blog posts!

Oh Leah! I LOVE the Jonas Gerard video! His paintings are so beautiful. What a joy to watch him paint. I always work small….this makes me want to run out and buy a big canvas, lots of color and DANCE!

I also love to watch artists paint, Leah, and have a number of videos on my site. Have you heard of Laura Harris?


Like Peggy, watching Laura made me decide to paint LARGE. (I also watched your first Jonas Gerard video, and quite a few others, some of which I posted so I could easily find them again!)

My husband is building me some birch solid wood panels. Stand back!

Oh my, I didn’t comment about Quinn Kiesow. FANTASTIC find, Leah!

It reminded me a little of “August Rush.”

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