Wreck This Journal with Sticks!

July 18th, 2009

wtj time

I'm still having fun with Keri Smith's Wreck this Journal for Jamie Ridler's fabulous book group! I missed posting about it last week because of a crazy-busy weekend, but I've continued to wreck and play within the pages. I did this little video this week of me painting with unusual utensils. It got messy. :-)

Here's a little collage of some of the other wrecking I did, including a scratched mermaid, circles on a half-damp page, the word "home" written over and over, an ugly drawing (of a frog barfing up fly bits), cutting through several layers, and I drew in a big of the birds I saw in the dripped ink pages. I think the orange shapes look like fish, but I haven't drawn them in yet. 

wtj collage

And below, the envelope page. This one was fun cause I doodle on evelopes all the time. It's hard to find paper that I won't doodle on if it holds still long enough.

wtj envelope

And that's all for now, happy wrecking everyone!!

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Hope you had a great birthday!
Loved the video and your wrecking! – especially the birds and the envelope doodling!
Take care.

The envelope doodling is gorgeous! Great wreckage.

Leah! That is so cool! I missed out on this book this time, but my kids and I bought it and they are having fun with the wrecking. They pick it up every now and again to play with. I think they cannot believe that I would encourage them to wreck a book (just this one I said!). I will have to show them what you have done to give them inspiration.

Thanks for being so inspiring!
Enjoy the day!

squeall!! I just “met” you in the new ARTFUL BLOGGING magazine!! congratulations !

I saw a maned animal in your incense stick painting

what fun,. I think i will join creative Every Day Thanks fo sharing your talents

I love the inkblot paint and also the barfing frog. It actually looks pretty cool (at least at a distance).

I’m behind, too, on my journal. Will get back to it soon, I hope.

You saw the bird shape, but on the other page I saw a seahorse shape! Your wrecking was cool. Love your blog, I also “met” you in the ARTFUL BLOGGING magazine and already feel inspired from your blog.

I love the envelope, great wrecking this time.

Hi Leah – I “met” you in the ARTFUL BLOGGING mag, too which led me to your inspiring blog and then in turn led me to WTJ! What a great journey this has been! Love your barfing frog!! Your doodles are very cool – so intricate!

Leah, you doodle on envelopes, and my sister-in-law, who is a wonderful artist, has hundreds of styrofoam cups she doodled on through the years. She just LOVES the feel of the pen going into the surface of the cup.

If you go to a restaurant with her, she doodles all over the napkins (and menu!) The last time we went out, to a favorite Thai restaurant of hers, the manager brought her paper right away. We looked puzzled, so he explained: “Please draw some more. I have kept all your others that I found.”

Isn’t that a lovely idea, to leave doodles wherever you go, as little pleasures for others to find?

Oh, my . . . I didn’t say how much I enjoyed the pages of your journal.

Would you draw/write on my arm if I held still long enough?

You inspired me to pick up my journal and do some more wreckage. I seem to be working progressively now, and have many unfinished pages. But I’m still working. And now I just finished my internal monologue page.

Awesome! I came online looking for inspiration on how to use up some old art supplies in collages. I certainly found it here (-:

I saw the blue heron too! Immediately. Funny how that evolved on the page without concious (sp?) effort.

Your doodles on the envelope make me especially happy!

Holy dinger woman,
you are SO superb!

Nice wrecking! Happy birthday to you. :)

Happy birthday, belated I guess.

Love your doodles, so gorgeous, birds and fish, even a barfing frog and scratching you do artistically! Neat how you made a house and walkway out of your word home.

I teach a journaling workshop at a theatre camp for elementary school kids each summer and I just did this year’s round today. I always start the session by asking the kids to draw something ugly in their journals – it always gets the boys’ attention and it helps get the girls past the whole “my journal has to be pink & pretty & perfect” thing. Today I cited your frog barfing flies as an example. It got a WONDERFUL uproarious response. The girls squealed & laughed, “EW” and the boys shouted “YES” and immediately dove into their drawings of worms and rotting food and boogers. So, I hope it’s OK I mentioned your idea. It just sort of came out of my mouth as I was up there babbling.

Love those doodles on your envelope- So beautiful and intricate. I like the frog barfing up fly bits too- hmm is that weird?!! i’m having a bit of trouble thinking of something to draw up for that page. Excellent wrecking:-)

I so love your sound effects again!! Your pages are wonderful!!!

Absolutely in love with your doodles on the envelope page. So beautiful. Wish I could do it! Great wreck work! :)

Incense!! Brilliant.
Love it Leah, Love it all!!!

I like the write one word over and over again page, in my journal I wrote garbage a lot, but yours looks cooler, especially how you made the word home look like an actual house.

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