Moving with the Full Sturgeon Moon

August 6th, 2009

full sturgeon moon

Last night and tonight are the evenings of the Full Sturgeon Moon. I've come to enjoy making mixed-media vision boards to celebrate along with Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboard group. For this one, I drew a sturgeon fish, with four moon-like bubbles coming off it. Within the circles, I pasted small circle cut-outs that represent elements I want to bring into my life.

I love that this moon was named for a fish. The other day, Havi posted an exercise from Barbar Sher's Wishcraft in which you choose a favorite color and then list your qualities, speaking as that color. I chose the color blue (go figure, right?) and I wrote:

I am blue.
I am fluid, flowing, calm, yet strong.
I am life. And I am full of life.
I am clear, not just transparent, but clear as in clarity.
I am intuitive. I know things. I trust what I know.
I am gentle, soft, mothering.
But I am also a powerful force. Don't forget it.
I am healing, I hold space, I hold others with love

Among the qualities I listed was fluidity. I realized that I had a strong desire to bring a deeper sense of effortless flow and ease into my life. When I saw that the full moon this month was named after a fish, I knew I had to make a dreamboard around it, something with flowing water to represent the fluid motion that fish, water, and the color blue has; the same fluidity I want to call forth.

I'm also loving how the fluid fish and water fit in with the move theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge this month. (I'm really vibing with this theme!) I'm having little a-ha moments all over the place. I'm noticing the way I'm moving energetically in my life and realizing where I can make adjustments. It's exciting.

How are you moving energetically in your life right now? Is your energy more anxious and frenetic? Does it move in waves like the ocean? Is it more like a still lake?

How would you like to moving through the world? Perhaps you could make a piece of art or write about what energy you'd like to embody more of. Or perhaps you could practice one small movement in the style of energy you want to live in.

Just noticing how you move through your day might be a place to start. In this moment, take a breath and check-in. What's your energy like right now?

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What a fluid and beautiful dream board

:) Leah, I love this dreamboard…another inspiration. I also love your prompt – it’s already given me a bit to mash on in the few minutes since I read it. :) Thanks for bringing this beauty into our world!

Lovely post, Leah. Love the progression from a paintint to a poem to the energetic qualities you want to embody. Beautiful!

Leah, this is absolutely beautiful… I just love how you express yourself. And I’m so happy to be back in touch! :)

Leah, how beautiful! And wonderful insights as well! May the fluidity you call forth flow through you.

As Leah wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

How beautiful, Leah. I was so moved reading about your insightful exploration, your poetry and what brought you to this beautiful creation. You helped me see the beauty in the fish. May deep ease and energetic flow be yours.

I love that painting, I like the fish! I really love what you wrote about the color blue, it really fits in with the move theme for the month. I’ve been really trying to embrace the move theme in my daily routine, I feel a painting bubbling up inside me that I can’t wait to get some solid studio time and work on it.

Beautiful painting and poem.

Hi Leah

I love how you include elements that you want to include/invite into your life. That is so profound! I really like your “full sturgeon moon”, it’ll always be special to me. It’s great that you explain how the piece came about.

Today, I went to watch my grand-daughter in a concert. She is taking dancing classes (yes! it’s the month of move!) and she just loves it. I showed her the “shake it off” move, and she giggled with me, as I envisaged she would.

Thanks for everything Leah. You are enriching my life.


I love your dream board and the concept behind it. I should get “moving” and create my own based on my favorite color, purple…not Barney the Dinosaur purple but aubergine.

I love the gorgeousness of this painting. I had an immediate response to it. I could feel the coolness of the water on my skin, like I was the one swimming in the cool water. And putting the bits that you want in your life in the moons? Brilliant. And inspiring. And awesome.

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