House Update

September 9th, 2009

So the move is coming along and things are a bit hectic, but at the same time, very exciting. Most days last week, I was at the new house to meet contractors and delivery folks who often give 4 hour windows of time in which they might arrive. This meant I was spending a lot of time in an empty house, which was kind of fun and kind of odd.

house tank

When I wasn't working with someone in the house, or hanging temporary paper curtains on the windows, I spent much of the time sitting in an empty room on a lawn chair with my laptop and a tv tray. Over the weekend we got a larger fish tank to put our clown fish in, so now I can sit and look at the purty tank.

house shades

Ok, so, paper shades, people...who knew? Not me, apparently. For those who have not been introduced, there are these temporary paper shades out there for people like me with lots of windows and no curtains to put on them, who need something temporary besides sheets to get some privacy.

When I walked into a curtain store and said, "I've got a lot of windows and I'm overwhelmed!" The kindly older window shop owner said, "Focus on a few rooms at a time and here, take a few of these paper shades for your bedroom and bathrooms."

Paper shades? Hallelujah!

I then went out and got a bunch more and started hanging them up. And, seriously, they're so cute that I may just take my time properly covering the windows...until the cats realize they're made of paper and rip them to shreds. Hehe.

sadie emma

Speaking of kitties, Sadie had her little lump removed and is recovering nicely. She's been super snuggly with me and her pal, Emma. (That's Sadie in the back and Emma in front. You can see a corner of Sadie's shaved belly sticking out. She's got quite the stylish haircut at the moment.) We don't have the lab results yet, but I'm hopeful about it all.

I was planning to sit down and write a post about inspiration and synchronicity, but clearly I was wanting to share a house/kitty update more, so I'll get to that other post shortly. In the meantime, I hope you've been enjoying the amazing guest posts! I know I have! It makes me all giddy actually to be sharing these different perspectives on the topic of inspiration here. I hope the posts are inspiring you as much as they are me! I've got many more to share with you to keep you inspired throughout the month, so keep checking in!

p.s. I was on Connie's fabulous blog talk radio show, Creative Juicy Life with my friend and Creative Play workshop co-leader, Jennifer Lee, on Sunday and you can listen to the recording right here.

And if you're in the Boston area, we'd love to see you at the Creative Play Workshop on Saturday, September 19th! You can get all the details and sign up here.

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How exciting to move into a new house. I am sure there are ups and downs, but it will definitely be worth it. Love the paper shades.

Hope kitty is fine – she’s a beauty.


I’m so excited for you as you make this adventurous transition!!!! OOO, I can see dabbing some paint on those paper shades… hmmm…

Yay for home ownership! Totally exciting transitional-time :)

Enjoyed the update and the pix of the “kids”. I’m sure the test results will be good. Loved the huge tank for the tiny Just saw something yesterday on DIY where they actually made pleated paper curtains and decorated them by using a paper punch to make a design along the bottoms. It was really clever so while you’re sitting around waiting for those darn deliveries with the 4 hour window, you can release your anxiety with the paper punch…lol! Seriously…savor every moment of this wonderful time in your life. Commit it to your memory. Hugs!

I agree, I would think those paper shades aren’t going to be white for long! What fun that would be!

Thanks for sharing Leah.

I hope Sadie recovers fully. Your kids are so cute!

paper shades? I am going to check them out!

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