Giveaway! Goddess Leonie’s Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit

October 20th, 2009

Ooo goodie! I'm super excited to be offering some fun giveaways this week! First up, is the Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit from the gorgeous Goddess Leonie. Simply leave a comment on this post and I'll randomly choose a name on Friday, October 23rd to win their very own kit!

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The Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit is a downloadable kit with two Divine Dreaming meditation mp3s and a Goddess Guide to Sweet Slumber e-book. The kit was created to help you get to sleep easier and have more amazing dreams... perfect if you don't always get the sweet slumber you need, or some inspiring, healing dreams!

I've had the pleasure of listening to the mp3s and I highly recommend the Divine Dreaming Meditation for those who have busy thoughts when they’re trying to wind down before sleep. It really helped me set the right tone for an evening of beautiful dreams. Leonie’s voice is magic! Listening to the meditation, I felt softly held and supported, as I slipped smoothly into the dreamtime. I loved the meditation and will be using it again and again.

Update: The winner has been announced here. Thanks for playing everyone!

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The timing on this is perfect. I have a friend who is really struggling with sleep loss. I sent her the link this morning.

What a great give away. Everyone needs a good rest. Love your website.

Ooh, I’ve been hearing such good things about the Dreaming Kit!

Oh, I would looooove a copy of this. I have crazy adrenaline levels, and I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a really good night’s sleep.

WOW – this is exciting – definitely count me in!!!

Anything that brings more peaceful sleep is wonderful!

I’ve been contemplating this for my daughter for ages. I’m always glad to hear other creative folks talk positively about this meditation. She’s a really creative kid and sometimes her “overactive imagination” just doesn’t help with the falling asleep thing.

I would love to go to bed without 60 million to-dos running through my mind. Love the Goddess Leonnie

How nice! I love Leonnie, she is so sweet, I follow her blog from my blog. Thanks for the opportunity Leah, you are very kind as well.

As said, this is a perfect timing for this giveaway. I sent the link to a friend a few days ago, and I’m struggling with my sleep after a small break of good nights.
Thank you :)

i have been having a hard time getting to sleep lately–so really need this–hope lady luck sends it my way! ;-)

Cool! Thanks Leah and Leonie! I could use this :)

I would love to have this kind of help getting some more restful sleep. It sounds like just the thing. :)

What a fabulous giveaway! The kit would complement my Dream Box perfectly:)

I’ve been having trouble turning off my brain of an evening, from studies, etc. Sounds like it might be of help.

Thanks for posting this for us to enter. Last night, I am sure I was awake every hour on the hour. AND to top it off, when I was finally in a deep sleep, My alarm went off. Thanks again.

perfect timing. I need one :-(

:) What a lovely thing to do. *hugs*

Who doesn’t need to sleep well along with wonderful dreams. Glad Jen suggested your site and this giveaway.

Great site, great giveaway.

Goddess school is wonderful and I am sure this kit is too

I’ve been eyeballing this for myself! More (& easier) sleep is always welcome in my world :]

I hope I win, my inner goddess needs a good night’s sleep!

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Hi Leah! I would love to sign up for this.

As a side note, I was wondering if it took you a while to adjust to sleeping in your new home. I’ll be moving soon and I find myself wondering about that.

Sounds wonderful,If I were to dream I would want amazing dreams!And I would love to be considered a Goddess.Thanks for this.

Oh how wonderful! Just what I need! You are so wonderful to offer us a chance to win one! ^-^

Oh, goodness, but this is my life…the not sleeping part. If I could learn to wind down, I’d be in heaven!

Oh! My ex and I just had almost identical dreams days apart and are trying to figure out what they mean – this would be PERFECT!

I could definitely use this kit! In my last month of pregnancy good sleep is rare indeed. And will be in great shortage once the baby arrives I’m sure.

There’s so many thoughtful people here who know someone they would give this to. I’m going to be completely selfish and say I would love and need this!

I challenge Goddess Leonie that her voice would help me sleep! I laugh because she promotes that her voice does that to people, she’s such a character. I haven’t had a good sleep for years. Even my Mom worries about me.

I love Goddess Leonie’s “Healing Meditation”. It really makes me feel special. It’s thanks to CED that I met Goddess Leonie in the first place. This kit would be a special gift. Thanks for the opportunity Leah and Leonie.

Wow, this is great! I know my mind is always going 100 miles an hour, would be great to learn how to unwind….

Hi, just came across your blog after searching for dreams and personal blogging. i hope this means something. I have been dreaming almost everynight for the last 2 months and want to dig deeper to find the meanings and also trying to experience lucid dreaming. Anyone have experience with that?

I’ve been waking up feeling tired lately, this would be great.

What a gift! There is nothing like sweet slumber to help us navigate the choppy waters of life. This meditation CD would come in handy when in those creative lulls and rest is needed. Many thanks for this wonderful offer!

Sounds fabulous! I would love to offer this to my sister who has been struggling with sleep problems for ever.

Ohhh….to sleep, perchance to dream…..!

I’d like to add a suggestion: Meditation Oasis, a podcast on iTunes, delivers free occasionally new meditations. They are fantastic for centering the soul.

These listenings are so very helpful. I’d love to listen to Leonie’s offerings as well.

What a wonderful idea! I lay awake many nights trying to shut down my whirling brain…

I would LOVE a chance to win! Please count me in??

Your desription is really inviting, Leah. This sounds like a perfect chance to invite my creative muse into my dreams!

Sounds wonderful!

This sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing this information with all of us non-sleeping goddesses!

sounds cool…

to sleep is a wonderful thing
to sleep well, truly a blessing.
thanks for inspiring us when we most need it!Sonja

oooh, yes please.

wow, I could really use some help in the sleep department. I frequently can’t sleep until 3.30 a.m. – and not for any fun reasons. I’ll start trying around 1 a.m. and then just stare, twist and turn for hours! :-S

I’ve been wanting this, I would love to win!

Yes, please, include me in. I have read the description of this kit on the Goddess’s website and it looks ideal. Thanks for the opp!:-))

Love it!

I have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome and sleep apnea, so SLEEP is a major challenge for me.

I’m in!

Makes me want to take a nap right now. Will it help me get a 2 year old to take her nap???


Looks great, I’d love to try this out!

this meditation tool looks divine! i sometimes keep myself awake until i’m completely exhausted because i’m actually anxious about going to sleep & having nightmares… If i could learn to meditate & trust that i will have good dreams, it would truly be a blessing! please sign me up!

Ooooo. Count me in too, please. I do not always get the sleep I need, and this sounds like it would be a wonderful way to be soothed to sleep each night. Magic!

Awesome site and the meditation dreaming kit sounds awesome too! :)

just found your site and am LOVING it.Thank you. l live in the UK and find that USA is so much better at all this Art inspiration ect than we are. Please keep up the amazing work and l will endever to learn from you. thanks. lynda

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